Walkies and breakfast, a great way to start this bright sunny day. Nothing has changed much around the park and several of the newcomers have already moved on. I have decided that I need to stay here through the end of March as I still have some business including getting my taxes done before I hit the road. 

Mr. George has an office set up already installed in the passenger seat. Well, it’s really just a folding desk but the computer fits their very nicely and I can write and watch the comings and goings around me especially with the huge windshield and side windows. If it gets too bright or too hot and sunny, I can always lower the shades. As I watched today, another RV has pulled into the lot in front of me with an older husband and wife team. They quickly and efficiently had the trailer set up. I got to meet them later in the day. Seem like a nice couple and they are here until the end of the month. 

I messed around with the levelling system on Mr. George and by going manual, managed to get the rig level. Funny, but if it off by just a little bit, it is very noticeable inside and it feels like you are walking either up or down hill. I also had a problem with the hot water running cold and texted the repair man, Michael for some help. He very willingly texted back with some suggestions and with Daniel’s help, we fixed the problem. All it took was a switch that needed turning on and I just could not locate it. Now I know where it is. I even let out the awning just to try it and it worked simply fine. I think I need to lower it a bit to let the rain runoff, if we ever get any rain, as it is too flat the way that it is. 
I have a couple of projects in Mr. George that still need my attention. I want to trim the base of the bed where it is exposed after I removed the King Mattress for the Queen which will give me more room to walk around. First, I must locate my saws to do the work which hopefully will not be too hard. They are in the storage area somewhere in one of the crates. I also asked Michael to repair the table the next time he is here as it wobbles quite a bit. I keep finding little things that need attention and as long as they stay little, that will be fine and expected. Many I can do myself except for the technical ones which I know I will have to get some help. 
It was a beautiful day here in Henly with the temperatures around 85 degrees. That in February and only in Texas. We went out for the afternoon walk just around the park before returning for the evening meal, television that I am currently watching on my computer and a glass of wine. 

Written 02/22/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com