The weather has changed again from yesterday’s sunny day with a high of 85 degrees to a cold blustery 31 Degrees when we went out for our morning walk. I had on my heavy coat, but it was cold because of the wind and even the dogs were glad to get back inside Mr. George where it was much warmer. I noticed a few open spots as we walked around the park and as I sat and wrote, another finished packing up and hit the road. It would be interesting to know where they are heading.

We have no plans for today and those that I did have can wait until it warms back up although this cold front is supposed to be here for a few days. Just as long as it is not like last winter when we had ice and snow and an electrical grid blackout, we can tolerate it.  
Mr. George is pretty spacious inside with a huge windshield. The front passenger seat is set up with a small pull-out desk shelf that I use for my computer giving me a perfect view of all the coming and goings in the park. I can see the RVs as they drive in or leave and the residents as they walk their dogs or head off to the Laundry Room or to the dumpsters to drop of their trash. Many are quite familiar to me, and we have chatted from time to time. One thing I noticed is that some of the same people always seem to be doing laundry, others, not so much.

Because of changing out RV’s and the resulting work attached, I was way behind in posting the blogs. I was also behind in writing for a while but had managed to catch up with that to be almost up to date. I worked on posting after attaching pictures from my archives and got to within a couple of days of being caught up. When I write from memory about things that happened a week or more back then I miss out on a lot of the details. My recall is just not what it used to be.  
The Park has issued a freeze warning for this evening which means going through the usual routine of making sure there is water in the holding tanks before disconnecting the water hose from the standpipe. No big deal and something that must be done otherwise there is the probability of frozen hose pipes and cracked water filters, which are all expensive to replace.

We went out later in the day for a short walk around, but it was cold enough that not even Sandy wanted to stay outside for too long. Back indoors, I fed the dogs and then myself before spending the evening watching football with a round ball of the English variety and drinking a glass of cheap wine. Actually, it is a plastic beaker of wine as my one and only glass was broken in the latest move. Time to buy a new one. 

Written 02/24/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com