02/24/2022 Thursday

We woke up to freezing temperatures and enough moister in the air making for icy conditions on my RV steps and on the roads where we walked. It was very cold, and we did a brief walk around before returning to Mr. George with both dogs happy to be inside. I made breakfast of toast and coffee and managed to trip over Mikey as I was heading to my seat resulting in the whole thing, food, and drink, me, and Mikey, spread all over the floor. Mikey headed for the hills as I cussed aloud and did not come out until I had it all cleaned up and was working on making the second breakfast and coffee of the day. He sat next to me for the rest of the time sharing my seat as if to say that he was sorry although it was not his fault. Just my clumsiness. Of course, he still got the blame… 

With the mess cleaned up and breakfast out of the way, I settled down to write and spent time in posting the rest of the completed pieces and am now caught up. I do not like getting that far behind as I know that I miss some stuff that I think is interesting with my memory not as good as it once was. Because of the miserable weather, we have no plans to do anything outside. I need to go grocery shopping and arrange for both Sandy and I to get haircuts, in different salons of course but as I have decided to stay another month, there is no hurry on the latter although I am beginning to look a bit like the proverbial poet. As I write poetry, I guess it is OK to look the part. 

I was having trouble getting hot water and called Michael the repair man. He gave me some pointers and even stayed on the phone as I was having a tough time in locating the valve that we were talking about Eventually, I found it and turned it to the on position and lo and behold, we now have hot water. Tomorrow morning, I can take a real shower. Just as well as it has been a couple of days…Good job it is not summertime when I am usually hot and sweaty and besides the dogs enjoy my BO. 

We went out walking all bundled up to brave the cold although I still had on my shorts. My legs do not get too cold, but my body and face do even with a heavy jacket, woolly beanie, and my jacket hood. With the cold and drizzly weather, we have not covered much distance this past week, but we have at least exercised a bit. 
 The day ended in the usual way with food all around and then TV. 

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Henly RV Park Day 25

02/25/2022 Friday

A shady trail

It was a cloudy and overcast day when we went out for the first walk of the day with the temperature hovering around the freezing mark. Needless to say, none of us wanted to stay out any longer than we needed to and we only covered a half mile before returning to Mr. George for breakfast and coffee for me. We even covered the same ground twice as when we got out into the open area away from the shelter of the trees, the wind was way too cold for us. We were alone on our walk not meeting single soul or dog, brave enough to be outside. 

Back inside, I prepared breakfast for us all, not the same things of course as I do not eat dog food and they do not drink coffee, before settling down in front of the computer to catch up on emails and answer any that required it. It is amazing how fast the time flies when I am writing especially these past couple of days when I was playing catch up. I still have things I need to do and put away around Mr. George, but they can wait until it warms up and is more comfortable working outside. 

I worked on my writing for a couple of hours posting everything up to date and decided that I should take a look at the TV that is set up in Mr. George. Not look at in the sense of sitting and watching but more in the line of making it work with my Roku stick. It took me a while to figure out how to even get at the back of the thing, but I eventually worked it out the moves it needed to tilt it outwards. Installing the Roku stick was easy although I had more trouble with the sound bar. Satisfied that it was hooked up correctly, I turned it on and lo and behold, I was connected to all the channels that the Roku program delivers including the English football games. Now, I can sit at the table and eat my food like a civilized human being and watch the TV in the evenings in comfort. Mark that up as a definite improvement. 

As usual, we went out for our evening walk but only covered the park as it was still cold. The dogs did not care but I was a wimp and opted to get back to Mr. George for the warmth and comfort. We spent the evening with the usual meal and watching movies on the big screen TV. Comfort indeed. 

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