02/26/2022 Saturday

It was a cold, wet and drizzly day and we lounged around in bed for a while before crawling out for the early morning walk. Early in the sense that it was the first walk, not in the actual time as it was 10;00 am before we hit the park. We did not stay out very long as it was uncomfortable with the cold light drizzle quickly returning to the comforts of Mr. George for breakfast and coffee.  

I noticed that the LP gas register showed empty and that the freshwater tank also needs refilling, but they need to happen in the order listed. Refilling the LP means driving to the other end of the park and all the preparations that it takes to do that like making sure things are safely stored away inside and things cleared outside for the short move. Then of course, doing it all in reverse when I park it. I had a couple of problems when I re-hooked everything back up mainly due to my own stupidity. I inadvertently hooked the water up to the freshwater tank and only realized my mistake when it started to overflow. No really big deal and I quickly changed the hook up to the correct one. The power cable on Mr. George is permanently connected to the coach end and must be rewound inside its compartment when it is disconnected for moving. The same is true in reverse when it is connected. It is a very thick and heavy 50-amp cable and not easy to handle. Just one more of the small problems one faces in an RV. 

I called around to see who might be carrying portable space heaters and none of the big Super stores have any available. They are all sold out as there has been that big a run on them. The tall oscillating one that I have is in constant use. Mr. George does not have electric heat and is LP only, much to my dismay, so I probably need a couple more portable heaters for times like this. I have two portable fans for the hot weather to offset the A/C in the coach. RVs are not built like a house and do not have the insulation as houses do and with a maximum thickness of 2-inch walls, lose heat rapidly and in the summer, heat up even faster. Now, if we could just store some of that summer heat… 

I ordered a space heater online and it should be here in a couple of days. Pretty amazing that companies like Amazon can deliver stuff so quickly. Unless it turns very cold, then I think that the two space heaters should suffice so that we don’t have to use the propane heaters at all. Hopefully, winter will soon be over at least here in Texas. 
With everything shipshape, I needed to go grocery shopping at HEB, the local large Supermarket in Dripping Springs. I have a decorative throw for the couch that my good friend BJ made for me which the goes on the seating area. The dogs, being what they are and this being one of their favorite places to sit and sleep, had managed to dirty it up so I dropped it off at the local cleaners before heading to Great Clips, the men’s hairdressers, to see if they could fit me in and was lucky that I was seated immediately. There is nothing fancy about having my hair cut, short back and sides, trim my eyebrows and that’s it. It took less than a half an hour before I was in HEB wandering around. If I walk every aisle, I can easily cover a mile walking, so it is great exercise as well. I managed to spend $180.00 but I did buy 3 bottles of wine. Again, I did not even bother to stop at Starbucks as they were probably closed which proved to be the case when I drove by. 

Back at Mr. George, I was met by two very excited little dogs who helped me put the groceries away, sort of, before we harnessed up and went out for the final walk of the day. Again, we didn’t go far because the wind was cold before heading back for the evening meal which I enjoyed watching a football match on the big television. BTW, I have a small TV set in the bedroom, but I doubt if I will ever use it. For me, a bed is for sleeping and I don’t need entertainment to drop off to sleep as I am usually tired enough from the day’s exertions… 

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