02/27/2022 Sunday


The weather has cleared up and we went out walking to a bright sunny day although the wind was still cold, and the temperature was hovering around the 37-degree mark. We did a short walk before returning to Mr. George for breakfast and coffee for me. I stopped to chat to a couple of other campers that were outside just to say hello. 

Back inside, I worked on the blog for a bit before deciding that I really needed to get with the program and do a few chores that I have been putting off. I started by going outside to the very large storage area at the back end of Mr. George and began sorting through the large crates that I had put there when we first transferred from Miss Daisy at Crestview. At that time, it was to just to get the crates from one RV to the other asap without much thought as to what might be in them as time was of the essence.  

The first one to be moved was the box full of fittings that went with the Blue Ox towing system that I had inherited. As I have a much newer one, this one is surplus to requirements to me, and I need to find a home for it. Michael has already said that I can drop it off at Crestview although I would rather find someone locally that might have a use for it. I took a little time, swapped over the old hitch from the RV, and put on my newer one. Going through the packing crates was interesting as I discovered what was in each one and then deciding where its contents belonged. I found one that had clothes in it, blue jeans, and heavy winter jackets. A bit late but welcome, none the less and if I had the jeans, I might even have worn them during the cold spell. Those were then transferred to inside storage. In all, I freed up three crates worth of storage space in the rear storage area. I need to go through the crates and condense the tools I need and intend to keep putting the others together at the back of the storage space until I decide what to do with them. 

My next job was a mechanical one as I attached two bug screens on the outside of Mr. George, not a difficult task but awkward and frustrating followed by the installation of a grab bar on the inside of the screen door. This one required some tools and I had to go through several boxes in both the storage area and in another storage place before I located the drill and bits that I needed. I really need to spend some time and go through the boxes that contain my tools and then decide what and how many to keep. I have no idea what to do with the rest.  

With those jobs complete, I turned my attention inside to the bed area. When we replaced the king mattress to a short queen, it left six inches of decking sticking out on both sides of the bed which in my clumsiness, I kept banging into. I decided that that area was surplus to requirements and having found both my Sabre saw and Skill saw, decided to trim it back a bit. Although the Skill saw would have been faster, I opted to use the Sabre saw to limit the amount of sawdust. In no time flat, I had both pieces cut off and by using my sander, was able to eliminate any problems with slivers. Overall, a very busy and successful day. 

With the immediate chores completed, we went out for the afternoon walk although by now, it was getting late. I prepared the evening meal and watched Man U put in a terrible performance against a team they should have beaten by several goals. Such is the way of sport. 

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