We got up early as I was expecting Michael, the RV mechanic or rather hoping that he would stop by today. As it happens, he texted to say it would be another time, yet unknown, later in the week. It was a beautiful sunny day although a bit nippy requiring at least a light jacket and we covered about a half mile in our walk around the park. The place is emptying out as some of the campers hit the road and even as I watched, one of those in front of me, did just that. I noticed that one of the long-term residents that I met the previous time I was here, has gone. He told me that he was building his house and had sold the RV. Each to their own. I have no desire to own or live in another house and all that goes with it. 

Following breakfast of a fried egg on toast, made interesting because the egg had frozen inside of its shell when I cracked it into the pan. I wondered if it would cook but it did OK and tasted no different especially with tomato ketchup all over it. I held off feeding the dogs as they have been very picky eating the canned dog food that I normally serve them. That is, unless it has chicken leftovers mixed in and then they gobble it all down. They do have hard food available all the time if they do get hungry… 

I worked on the blogs and watched the comings and goings in my range of vision. I am hoping that the activity in the laundry room may have quieted down a bit as I really do need to do laundry. I took a chance and loaded my laundry bag into the car and made the very short trip over. Luckily, there were two washing machines open, and I loaded mine into both and set the timer. Needless to say, I could not get the App to work and ended up the old-fashioned way of putting quarters in the slot. I spent time talking to Daniel about RV’s. He is a very interesting man to talk to and we have a lot in common. An hour later, I wandered back over and put the clothes in the dryer chatting to a couple of other campers on route. While I was waiting, I cleaned out the back of the Jeep in the hopes of finding the missing sets of keys but with no luck. 

Back at Mr. George, I remade the bed and this time, with the extra space around it, things went much better, and it actually looks like a remade bed with the top cover folded down and everything. For some reason, one pair of shorts did not dry probably because it was tangled up in one of the sheets and I mean tangled. It took a while to straighten it out as it had literally knotted itself up. With the bed made and the rest of the clothes put away, we went out walking around the park. On the way back, I picked up a portable heater delivered from Amazon to supplement the one I have. Now I have two heaters and two fans which will both help keep the place both warm and cool and save on the propane use. We finally adjourned back to Mr. George for the rest of the evening. 

I turned the portable heater on as I usually do and could not resist the temptation of trying out the new one. Needless to say, I had made the mistake of plugging it into an outlet on the same circuit as the other one already in use and blew a breaker. I searched high and low and could not find the breaker panel anywhere. I even texted Michael the repair person and he gave me some ideas. I still could not locate it and I noticed that Melinda and James were barbecuing with one of my neighbors so I wandered over to ask if he knew where the breaker panel might be. Not wanting to interrupt his meal I started to leave and was then invited to grab a plate and help myself to a hamburger with all the fixing’s. I ended up spending 30 minutes or so enjoying their conversation and adding a few words of my own, at the end of which, James and a couple of the others came back to my RV and the search was on. The panel was eventually located under the foot of the bed and with a couple of deft switches of his hand, James had the power turned back on. I had looked inside of that storage area but did not think to raise the bedcovers on the last little bit to look under them. Stupid me but at least I got to make some new friends out of it and supper. Camping people are generally extremely helpful and are always willing to assist a neighbor. So ended another day. 

Written 02/28/2022 Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com