03/01/2022 Tuesday

Mr. George

A bright sunny day when we awoke and went out for our walk. I did not need a jacket as it had warmed up quite considerably. Only in Texas, freezing temperatures one day and 60 degrees the next. We have nothing planned except to try to unload a couple more boxes and tidy up Mr. George and of course, write this blog and play catch up in posting those already written. 
As I watched, the neighbor in the lot across from me with the Airstream was preparing to pack up camp and move on. She was having some difficulties in disconnecting hoses and such and even inside of Mr. George, I could hear her scream “Fuck” at the top of her voice as she let her frustrations get the better of her. Melinda must have also been watching as she came out to lend a hand both with the unhooking of the services and hooking the Airstream to the truck. I thought about offering to help but some campers are funny about things like that, and Melinda saved the day. The park is looking a little empty as it is the start of a new month which is when a lot of campers move on to their next destination. I am here through the end of March when I will hopefully start the journey to NY State. 
I spent the next several hours catching up on posting and such with the blogs. I was several days behind and although the blogs were written in Word, they require transferring to WordPress and then attaching pictures. With it all accomplished, I am now up to date ready to write March 1. The year is flying by, and we are in the 3rd month already. Maybe the bad weather is behind us although I heard rumors of more bad weather next week. Hopefully, that will change. 
I had a sudden burst of energy and started to do things around the RV. I unpacked several more boxes and found home for the contents both inside and in the outside storage. I also stuck up a few more hooks for my jacket and hats. In the process of doing all of this, I luckily located one set of the missing keys, the ones for the Jeep. I wonder if I will be lucky enough to find the RV keys too. Now, Mr. George looks shipshape inside. 

Michael, the RV technician called to say he would stop by and look at my problems which he did an hour later. It turns out that the trouble with the heater fan was all to do with the thermostat and the settings which he explained to me. He looked at the table and made a couple of adjustments and it is a lot better. The other thing that needs work was in re-calibrating the levelling system which he will come back to do as it is not urgent. Overall, easy fixings. After he left, I went back outside to finish what I had been working on and then the dogs decided it was their turn and we went out for a walk/ 

We finished the day in the usual fashion with food all around, a glass of wine and watching the last incredibly sad episode of “1883”. 

Written 01/03/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com