Nothing much planned for the day. We did our usual walk around the park before returning for breakfast and coffee. I tided up a bit and then settled down to catch up on World news before working on the blog. World news was totally depressing, and I quickly switched to the blogs. At least there, if I do not like what I have written, I can change it. Unfortunately, I am not able to do that with world news or events that are happening. 

I am caught back up with the blogs both in writing and posting and have finally taken a picture of Mr. George to display in all his glory. I tidied up a bit more and the place is starting to look much better. I also remade the bed taking off the bed cover that I had thrown on a few days ago after discovering that it was not only too hot at night but was also one that went with the King mattress that I gave away, I contacted the new King owners, and they will take the coverlet, thank goodness as I really have no room or use for it. One must learn just what is necessary and what is luxury and then make the decision of what to do with the surplus. 

I made a quick trip into Dripping Springs to the dry cleaners where I had taken a throw that my good friend BJ had made for me when I had Dachshunds for pets as it portrays 4 of them. It goes over the couch area where the dogs park themselves and consequently, make it dirty. I also took a chance and stopped at Starbucks and wonders upon wonders, they were open but only to 5:00 pm. I asked the lady that served me why the hours have shortened so much having already guessed at the answer and as I suspected, she told me that it was due to a labor shortage. She herself had just started work figuring she could use the extra money. It seems that the younger generation that normally fill those part time jobs are either no longer interested in working or have found better paying jobs elsewhere. I have noticed that many and I mean a lot of the big box stores are advertising for help. There must be a reason for this labor shortage, and I cannot believe it is Covid related anymore. 

I drove back to Mr. George thankfully drinking my Latte as I have not had one in a couple of weeks, to two excited little dogs. I explained to them that I still had a couple of things to do before we went out walking, but I don’t think they really understood. We finally made it around the park and were sitting outside when the new neighbor came over and we chatted for twenty minutes or so. He is from Colorado and said he was tired of the snow and cold weather. He is leaving on Monday, and I think he said to Florida. He left to go walking and we went back inside. 

I tried to lower the front blind and discovered that the coach battery must be flat as the blind motor would not work, neither would the coach engine start. I have a battery charger but maybe it needs a new battery. Something else to worry about tomorrow. Luckily, the coach itself does not function off that battery as it is plugged into 50 Amp city power and has its own batteries. Always something. 

Written 01/03/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com