The two Zebras located across from the camp site.

After a quick walk around followed by breakfast, I watched as my next-door neighbor, the one that did not hook anything up except electricity or even level her rig, finally hooked up the sewer hose only to drain her tanks. Immediately following that, she packed everything up and was on her way. I hardly saw her when she was here except when she jumped in her Jeep to go somewhere. My other neighbors, I see and talk to all the time. Guess she is more of a loner than I am. 

I tided up the RV and put away the InstaPot after putting the contents in the fridge. Useful gadget that, fill it up, add a little water or broth, set the timer, and forget it until 6 hours later, it is time to eat. Really easy for the veggies and stuff that I like. I did a few more chores around Mr. George before settling down in front of the computer. 

With today Sunday, it was very quiet around the park, with hardly any activity at all. Even the Laundry Room did not appear to have much going on which is unusual. I decided to take a drive to Buda to the Crestview located there to look at the RV door handles that they may have. It is almost 40 miles to this Crestview location but still 30 miles closer than the Georgetown one where I purchased both Miss Daisy and Mr. George. As the stores are all part of the same chain, it did not matter which one I shopped at. I was warmly welcomed as I walked in and spent time browsing before purchasing a new door handle for Mr. George and a pocketknife with all kinds of gadgets on it that I just could not resist. While I was there, a couple walked in with a small fat little Pug that immediately made a beeline for me. I happened to have on a tee shirt that reads, “Life is better with a dog” with a cartoon picture of a dog on it. Maybe the Pug recognized a fellow dog lover, but he wiggled and snuffled as I made a big fuss of him. His owner complemented my choice of tee shirts as they passed on their way. Sure, was a friendly and funny little guy. 

I returned to Mr. George via the scenic route as both Buda and Henly are country towns and there is an awful lot of Texas in between, to be greeted by Sandy and Mikey waiting to go out. I obliged them and we walked the lane outside and covered over a mile. On our walk, we saw the two zebras, pictured above, that are in the fields across from the park. I watched as the one closest to me, nuzzled the leaves away with his nose in order to get at the fresh new grass growing underneath. We took a third short walk later in the day before returning for the evening meal. 

Written 01/07/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com