We got up late as the temperature had dropped overnight as I discovered when the call of nature woke me with a visit to the bathroom. I quickly switched on one of the heaters and crawled back under the covers to snuggle with both of my live hot water bottles. Mikey loves to cuddle up and is not happier than when he asleep and touching me. Sandy, not so much as she gets too warm and quickly moves away. With those two comforters, I quickly dropped back off to sleep. 

The weather had turned really cold when we went out for our morning walk. The jacket I had grabbed was not heavy enough and I felt the chill as we walked around resulting in a very short time outside. Before leaving for the walk, I had turned on the second portable heater and Mr. George was snug and warm on our return. I use the portables so as not to use the heating system in the RV as it is fueled by propane which is a bit of a pain to refill requiring moving the rig. The recharge station. With today being Monday, the park is quiet as many of the residents have gone to their day jobs. The one parked directly in front of me has moved on as he told me he was going to do yesterday. I had originally planned to install the new door handle today but am holding off because of the cold weather. There is no emergency for the installation. 

My neighbors to the right had moved their RV to get work done on it and they brought it back in today. They needed a new roof and a couple of other things and had to move it to a different location to do the work.They are long term residents and have been here for a while and their whole row of RV’s are permanent or semi-permanent residents. When I saw them, I welcomed them back and we chatted about the work they had done. 

Daniel stopped by when he saw me struggling to open the front of the RV and helped me work on it. Actually, he did most of the work as he kinda just stepped in and quickly figured out how to get it open. The thing had not been serviced in a while and needed oil to lubricate the moving parts which he applied. We determined where the battery was located, and I got out my charger which Daniel hooked up and we left it charging to give it a boost. I thought about if for a bit and decided that I would mount the new door handle and after getting out the necessary tools, proceeded to do so. It will be a big help getting in and out in the future and only took 15 minutes. My next project will be choosing which model of electronic door hardware will fit Mr. George and then install it. 

With all the most pressing work taken care of, the dogs took me walking around the park. The wind was still cold, and I was glad of my jacket, and we did not stay out for too long but managed to cover 1.2 miles for the day. 

Written 01/07/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com