We got up late as nobody wanted to make a move to get out of bed, least of all, me. After taking a shower and a change of clothes, we went out walking, running into Daniel on the way. He always stops for Sandy to make a fuss of him. He is working on Mikey and today, Mikey did actually sniff his hand. Quite an achievement. 
I decided that it is going to be laundry day and gathered up all the necessities like the hamper with the clothes and detergent and headed for the laundry room. Luckily, there were a couple of machines open which I grabbed and loaded them up. I could not get the app to work because I could not remember the password and had to use the change machine…. again. I chatted to one of my neighbors who was doing her laundry and they are moving out next Monday. Returning to Mr. George, I prepared breakfast for us all and then sat down to write in the blog for an hour while the washing machines did their thing. An hour later, I wandered over and put the clothes in the dryer before returning to Mr. George to continue working on the blog for another hour and then going back to the laundry room for the last time to fold the clothes. I had the same trouble again with the fitted sheet tying itself up into a tight wad which took a bit of time to untangle. It had a tee shirt entwined in the middle which of course, had not dried. That is two washes in a row that has happened. Back in the RV, I put the clothes away and then decided that I really needed a couple of things from HEB. With the current price of gas, I am limiting the driving that I do to absolute essentials although I do have a trip planned to go into Austin tomorrow to meet Barb, my realtor friend. 

Incidentally, because of the uncertainties of the afore mentioned gas, I have been doing some serious thinking of my planned trip to New York State later this year and have been giving some thoughts into postponing it or at least modifying it to a more local area like within Texas, Colorado, Louisiana and such. The New York trip with current gas prices would cost well over $1000.00 for gas alone and that is just one way. That does not take into consideration the cost of campgrounds. Takes some of the joy out of making such a trip. 

The trip In to HEB was uneventful and I easily found everything I needed taking my time walking around the store. I noticed that very few people were wearing masks and even though it fogs up my glasses, I do still wear mine. One more recent reason is that Melinda, the Park Super is down with Covid and although she is doing OK herself. I was working with her husband at close quarters yesterday and out of concern for those around me, I chose to wear my mask. I stopped at Starbucks and wonders that never cease, they were open. I ordered my Latte and chatted to the lady that served me who told me that they hired more staff and have increased their store hours, now staying open until 7:00 pm. 

When I got back to Mr. George, I was greeted by two extremely excited little dogs, I put the groceries away with a lot of help from them before we went out for a long walk. I covered 2.4 miles for the day with the dogs less because they did not walk around HEB which is usually good for at least 2/3 rds. of a mile, more in the bigger stores. 

The evening ended in the usual way with food all around and then watching the television accompanied by a glass of wine for me. The dogs just slept the evening away.  

Written 01/08/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com