When we went outside this morning, the temperature had already dropped quite a bit as we are expecting an overnight cold front with freezing temperatures. Nothing too serious as it is only forecast for 28 degrees but enough that I will need to disconnect the water lines this evening which is no big deal. It was cold enough that we only went for a short walk around the park before returning to Mr. George for breakfast. We have no plans for today except the usual things like writing in the blog. 

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the battery in the Ford Motor part of the RV, does not hold a charge and I have had to hook a charger up to it. It does things like supply power to the front blind when the RV is parked and of course, starts the engine when I need to so I need to figure out what to do about it. It is not easy to get to and may be beyond my capabilities to replace it not being as flexible or having the physical strength that I used to have as a younger man. Neither, I might add, the willingness and urgency to do the work myself. When one grows older, not only do the physical attributes of one’s younger days decline, so does the mental aspect of actually doing the work especially if one can afford to pay another person to get their hands dirty. 

I worked for a bit on the blog and a couple of other things that needed my attention and spent a very pleasant half an hour having a text conversation with my Stepdaughter, Cathy, who resides in New York State where we first started life in this country. She keeps me informed of the happenings in that part of the world. We followed this with a walk around the park which was brief as the wind was very cold even though the sun was shining. When we got back, I disconnected the water hose after making sure we had water in the freshwater tank, enough for this evening. At the same time, I checked the battery charger which had been connected for several hours and started the motor, which fired right up. I decided to leave it a bit longer before disconnecting it. 

While all of this was going on, the steps from the RV automatically lower and retract according to several factors which I am still getting used to. They will not lower if the engine is running or if the key is in the ignition as a safety precaution. I also discovered that they will automatically retract if the units switch is in the off position when the door is opened. It took me a while to figure that one out, but it eventually came to me. Even then, the steps only partially opened giving me something else to worry about. I had no alternative but to climb out of the partially opened steps, very carefully with not much to stand on, and discovered that the wind had blown one of the empty storage crates that I had placed under Mr. George, in the way, causing the blockage. With the obstacle removed, the steps opened just fine and remained open just as they should. Whoever would have thought that a set of steps could get so complicated. Every RV I have had which totals four now, has presented me with different problems and each comes with its own learning experience. No two RVs are the same even if they are by the same manufacturer with each having something different to learn about. It is an ongoing process and sometimes, the repair process is different for the same problem. Such is the way of the RVing world. 

Written 03/11/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com