The Zebras

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day. If there had been an overnight frost, we did not notice it. Our morning walk took us about a half mile and one other dog, and its owner stopped to chat before we both moved on. Breakfast was quickly out of the way and as usual, I settled down in front of the computer. With my “office” now the front right seat of Mr. George, I get to watch the comings and goings. I also get to watch the birds as they flock to the feeder that I have set up just outside the window. So far, the deer have not located the feeder which they quickly emptied last time around… Maybe because my site location is different. 

After catching up on the few emails of importance and writing and posting a couple of blogs, I finally faced up to the situation and dove into the small file cabinet that I kept from the Eagle, searching for everything tax related. It was time to get ready for that dreaded process. I have done my own taxes these past few years with the help of Turbo-Tax as they have been pretty straightforward. This year, they are anything but with sale of the house and the purchase and resale of two RV’s. I have a tax person in mind to handle this for me as it far beyond my understanding. 

While I was working on this, there was a flurry of activity as 3 RVs arrived. Two of them are big Class A’s both bigger and newer than mine. I watched in envy as one of the owners got out his power cable to hook up to the power pole. Unlike mine, that is very heavy and loosely coiled up in the bottom of its cabinet, his is on a mechanized roller that he pushed a button to let out the desired amount. His cable also appeared to be of a lighter gauge making it easier to handle. Both of these RVs are in the $200,000 to $300,000 range or even more and both are at least 42ft in length. The third one that pulled in was a regular trailer but still very nice. It comes down to four things in the choice of RV’s. How much can you afford, how big do you want it in terms of living space, what type do you want and finally, does it have to be brand new. Another factor to consider is if it is for weekends and the occasional holiday or will it be a permanent albeit travelling abode. 

With the paperwork all collected up and ready to go and still full of ambition, I looked around to see what else I could work on. With nothing in sight or mind, we went out for the evenings walk instead. Although the sun was shining, the wind had a chill to it, and I was glad of the wool shirt I had on. Altogether for the day, we covered almost 1.5 miles. I disconnected the water as it is supposed to freeze again tonight and then adjourned inside for the evening. Even as I watched, yet another Class C pulled into the gravel lot behind me. Seemed familiar to me as I parked in the dark 3 times here before. 

Written 03/12/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com