The hill beyond the park

I managed to get up much earlier today, and I also had a good night’s sleep. We went walking as usual before returning for breakfast and settling down to read emails mostly in case there was something of importance, but it turned out to be mostly junk just as it usually is. It is funny how this life tends to cut one off from others even with the means of internet and such. 

Daniel stopped by and helped me get the battery out of the RV. He got it out and I just handed him the tools. It is in a difficult spot and requires strength that I no longer have to lift it out. I loaded it on to the carry all on the back of the Jeep and drove into town to get it checked at one of the Auto-Zone stores. The drive into Austin was quick and relatively traffic free for a change but then again, so much depends on timing. Rush hour traffic and all of that. 

Then Auto-Zone guy got out his little gadget and after sticking it on the battery, pronounced that the battery was fully charged and in good shape. He pointed out that it is a sealed battery not requiring any liquid top ups. We had a long discussion on the different problems which all pointed to the Alternator being bad and he told me how to test that. I drove back to Henly and re-laid the message to Daniel who discussed it with another friend who was working with us, and we talked of the alternatives to the next move. We decided to wait and see what happens and if the battery does drain again, then I will need to take the RV to Firestone or somewhere similar to get the alternator tested and possibly, replaced. 

I spent some time checking Amazon for the furniture that I want to install in the RV. The plan is to get Daniel to remove the existing sofa and table and replace them with a desk, an office chair, and a more comfortable lounge chair. BJ had thought that I should do something to get more comfortable seating and I have to agree with her. The seating arrangement in one of my other RVs, the Eagle, was ideal and it comprised of two lounge chairs although I only need one. One of the dogs used the other one depending on which one had claimed my lap first. I had taken out the sofa in that rig and replaced it with a full-size desk although I have to settle for a smaller one for the Mr. George. With the wonders of Amazon, the furniture should be here in a couple of days then I can get Daniel to help me tear out the existing table and sofa and install the new stuff which will also need to be assembled. 

We ended the day in the usual fashion with a walk around the park followed by the evening meal. 

Written 03/16/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com