Spring is here

I had set the alarm for this morning as Sandy had a groomers appointment and we still needed to walk around to get some exercise before we all piled into the car for the 10-mile drive into Dripping Springs. We had an appointment with Martha for Sandy to get a bath and a haircut as she really needed it. That is the problem with a white-haired dog especially one that runs with her nose to the ground all the time, her face and nose get very dirty. Sandy did not seem to mind too much but Mikey was more than excited when he figured that he did not have to join her and rode back in the car with me. He was a little subdued with missing his friend though after we got back, and his excitement had worn off. 

Back in Mr. George, following breakfast, I sat and wrote for a bit and checked on RV locks on Amazon and finally finding one that hopefully will fit the existing hole in the door. I ordered it after a bit of trouble getting the right mailing address for it to be sent to but finally got it all worked out and it too should be here in a couple of days. Looks like I will have plenty to do very soon at least for a bit. Incidentally, in the process of researching, I suddenly had a notice show up that thanked me for the purchase and that the lock would be delivered later that day to my mailing address. Not to Henly RV Park but my regular mailing address in Austin. I have no idea how any of that happened as I had not ordered that particular lock as I knew it would not work in replacing the old one. BTW, there is nothing wrong with the existing lock. It is just so much easier to push a button and not have to mess around with keys to get in and out plus there is no fear of being locked out if the keys are lost. The only problem might be if the batteries were to die, and the keys were inside. What is that you say, keep a spare key in the car. Clever idea if I have the car keys or fob with me although I could hide one somewhere. 

Both super expensive Class A’s pulled out this morning and were later followed by a small Stratus RV that pulled into one of the slots just vacated. There was nothing exceptional about this one except for the color. It is a very bright red and looked surprisingly good compared to mostly white RVs around the park. There is also a very nice Airstream that pulled in yesterday and is parked with its shades out and it looks cool. Those RVs are special anyway and because of their low height, have shorter shades than the rest of us. 

We went out for the afternoon walk and when I got back and was doing some outside chores, an older couple, what else! stopped to talk to me. They were very friendly, and we spent 30 minutes chatting and comparing notes. They are from Wisconsin and are staying in my old site, #4, as it happens. We had a very extensive conversation on the merits of a Class C that they have to the Class A that I own and towing another small car. I showed them how I disconnect the drive train in the Jeep so that it is towable. They said they may be interested in the spare tow bar that I have. Hope so as I would like to get rid of the extra weight and not have to carry it around. 

And so ended another day at Henly in the usual fashion, food, and TV. I did not have the wine as it appears to upset my stomach and I am laying off it for a while. 

Written 03/16/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com