The deer in the exotic game farm across the street.

Walkies and breakfast, the usual start to our days followed by a quick check around Mr. George picking up things and doing a bit of dusting, which incidentally, I do not need to do very often. I settled down in front of the computer to read my junk mail or as is the usual case, not read it and discard it. I do get the occasional “real” email from a friend or company that I do business with, and I spend time on those. The rest are quickly trashed and in a lot of cases, unsubscribed.  
I decided to go into Austin to pick up the lock that had been delivered as I wanted to be sure it would not fit before returning it to Amazon. I made the drive, retrieved my mail including the lock and headed straight back home. 

 I immediately checked the lock and sure enough, it would not fit. I carefully repacked it ready to return it and then remembered that the office chair that I had ordered was supposed to be here. Sure enough, it was sitting on the Henly office porch, and I loaded it into the Jeep and brought it back to the RV. I spent the next 45 minutes assembling the chair which was quite easy having all the necessary parts. Daniel stopped by just to give me stick and we chatted a bit about the upcoming removal project before he moved on. After admiring my handiwork, I put the chair inside Mr. George for safe keeping and looked around for the next project. It will get awful crowded inside of Mr. George if I have the new desk and the recliner chair assembled and just sitting there and the existing seating and table still in place. Hopefully, we can work on out timing to get it right, the old lot out and the new items installed. 

Not finding anything that required my immediate attention, we went out for the afternoon walk around the park. The outside lanes are getting a little dangerous with the additional traffic because the end of Henly loop is temporarily closed for construction turning the loop into a dead end. Now, all the traffic is diverted past the park. 

Back in Mr. George, it was the evening meal for me after feeding the dogs before settling down for the evening’s entertainment. 

Written 03/17/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com