The Round School in Old Heathfield where I went as a kid through the age of 11. We stood out in that yard during WW11 when it was our turn to stand watch and had to ring a heavy hand bell if and when the German Luftwaffe flew over.

We got up at a reasonable time only to discover that we had a problem with the toilet having blocked up. There is not a lot that can go wrong except one has to be careful to use single ply toilet paper and not too much at any one time. It is not a clever idea to flush regular roll paper towels as they are meant to absorb water and not to disintegrate as the RV toilet paper does. In my case, cleaning up after one of the dogs’ accidents created that particular problem. Know not to do that again. One sign that the grey and blackwater tanks are getting full is when the wastewater backs up in the sink and/or toilet and usually, emptying the tanks takes care of it. The exception here was that emptying the tank did not fix the problem hence knowing there was a blockage. Quickly solved though by using a flushing wand attached to a high-pressure garden hose which quickly moved the blockage. 

We took the first walk passing several others with their dogs doing the same. This nearly always results in a lot of screaming from Sandy and barking from Mikey although I do my best to get them to make friends. It is not always my dog’s fault as sometimes the other dogs start it. Sandy though, usually has the last word. 
I remembered that I had mail that I needed to pick up in the form of the prescription stomach medication that I had carelessly run out of and made the drive back into Austin, yet again. From there, I headed back stopping at Home Depot and PetsMart on the way before making my way back to Henly. I also stopped at Starbucks and bought coffee and breakfast. What else! 

When I was growing up, I remember a towel holder made from rubber that was glued to the wall? the face was about a 2 inches circle cut into four and you pushed the towel or whatever into it to hold it up. They were the most useful gadgets, but I cannot seem to find one over here. I checked when I was in Home Depot, but nobody knew what I was talking about. 

When I sat down at the computer, I discovered that yesterday’s missing bar code was in my in box. I printed it and then made my way back to Fed-Ex only to discover that Fed-Ex had closed at 3:00pm, darn it. Another wasted journey. 

BTW, the gas prices do not seem to bother many of the campers as there is a steady stream of them coming and going. I spoke to one couple who are here from Wisconsin and expect to return next week. There were two very luxurious Class A’s parked in front of me a couple of days ago. They were in the $300,000 to $500,000 range. Imagine spending a half million on a motor home. They only looked like regular people too although a Millionaire out camping probably looks the same as the rest of us, except for his rig, that it. Each to their own. 

We went out for the afternoon walk around the park and on the way, I checked the parcels delivered to the front office porch, the usual delivery place and discovered that all my orders were there. We continued with our walk before returning for the evening meal but before I got that ready, I jumped into the Jeep and loaded the boxes we had seen earlier. The desk box was very heavy, but I figured out a way and loaded it onto the carrier. I left both boxes on the carrier hoping that they were safe enough in this park for the night.  
Feeling good about all my stuff arriving, we had our evening meal followed by the usual ice cream and then watching a Premier League football game. 

Written 03/19/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com