The new office space. The chair will go under the desk when not in use for more room and even though the recliner looks cockeyed, it is the angle of the camera and not the chair.

I got up pretty early, for me, and we went out walking but just before I left, I received a text message from Melinda stating the Daniel would be stopping by around 10:00 am. This caused us to cut the walk a bit short and we were back in time for breakfast and coffee before Daniel was knocking on the door. He had his friend, Jeff with him who also helps around the park, and they quickly started work after reviewing the situation. In less than an hour, they had torn out the existing couch and table and discovered a whole bunch of electrical cables in something of a disarray and definitely not organized at all. The first thing that Daniel did was to straighten out the mess and install a new outlet box that will fit under the desk. Satisfied with their results, we all went outside, this time joined by Melinda, Daniels better half who immediately pitched in to help. It took about an hour but between them, they assembled both the desk and the chair. Luckily, all the parts were there but we did notice that one of the arms on the chair appeared to be bent. It also has an interior piece of the frame that is pushing hard against the cover material and will probably wear through pretty quick. Maybe, I can get the arm replaced. 

With everything assembled, they lifted both the desk and the chair inside, having to remove the safety handle by the door in order to get them through the door opening and placed them in position. They all fit very nicely although a little snug which I knew would be the case but that is OK as the desk chair can go under the desk when not in use. I will not be sitting in both at the same time although Mikey lays claim to one or the other depending on which one, I am sitting in. We were all more than satisfied with the result. I helped them clean up all the debris which went into the dumpster, some on my carrier on the Jeep and the rest on Daniels work vehicle. 
While this was going on, the gentleman from Wisconsin stopped by to pay me for the Blue Ox towing unit and we said our goodbyes as they were pulling out and I wished them a safe journey. I had asked $300.00 for the towing unit which they had given me and while Melinda and I were at the dumpster, I discussed the fact that I could “not get Daniel to talk money and would you please take this $300.00 for all of the work”? She, in turn also protested that it was too much but as I was so grateful for their help, I figured it was the least I could do. Not like it was my money anyway as all I did was pass it along. Besides, I got rid of the excess weight of the towing unit which is probably at least 100 lbs. altogether and the worry of where to store it. In Mr. George. 

I adjourned back inside and surveyed the mess created by hastily moving things out of the way plus the contents of the table and drawers from the discarded unit. I worked diligently arranging and re-arranging the little storage cupboards over the desk which, incidentally, are much easier to reach now that the couch and table are gone. I had bought some small plastic storage boxes especially for this purpose. 

All this work had taken the best part of the day and it was time for the evening walk. We did not go far before adjourning back to Mr. George. On the way back, I ran into both Melinda and Daniel who both thanked me again for my generous payment which, they said, they had just spent some of on a decent meal in town. They warned me that the weather forecast was for strong winds and rain and to make sure everything was secure. 

We adjourned to Mr. George for the rest of the evening after following their advice, to end a highly successful day. The dogs were a bit confused by the new seating arrangements and it took a while for us to get it figured out. The trouble is that they both want to be on my lap when I am using the recliner. Mikey figured out that was not very comfortable and moved over to the office chair while Sandy stayed on my lap. We have a few bugs to work out in that department. 

Written 03/20/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com