I got up and showered, shaved, and put on clean clothes while my two little dogs were in the living area running up and down with their legs crossed. As quick as I try to be, it is never fast enough for them, but they usually do a good job of “holding it.” We took a short walk around the park as the weather was little damp with light rain showers before adjourning to the warmth and comfort of Mr. George. I still have a lot of cleaning and tidying work to do and as it is a miserable, windy, and rainy day with heavy rain forecast, it is the ideal time to get it done. Mikey has taken over the recliner while I work on the computer and Sandy has gone back to bed, which actually sounds like a good idea. 

I worked for a couple of hours before deciding that as the new lock has arrived, I should take the time to install it. I have a little experience as I put one in once before in the Eagle when it was parked in my old driveway back in Austin. I made the mistake there of locking it from the inside with me being in inside doing the locking, only to find that it would not unlock, and I could not get out. I had to call my neighbors who had a workmate visiting and between them, they literally spread the door jamb wide enough to let me out. It did not do any damage to the RV, but I learned that lesson really quick. I made the necessary adjustment to the lock and from then on, it worked just fine. 

Before installing the lock, I hooked the battery charger back up as the battery will not lower the blind a sure sign that it needs charging. There must be problem somewhere for this to keep happening. I would take it back to Crestview, but they might not get to it straight away and then we would need to find accommodation in a Motel and for how long? 

I went to work on the lock and this time, I had different problems as the existing hole in the door needed some adjustment not being quite large enough. I knew that I had a rasp somewhere that would do the work of filing down the door opening. A rasp is like a large flat file with much deeper serrated edges to file off the wood. I eventually located it in my tool collection after digging through several boxes. At the same time, I located a set of Allen wrenches that I also needed. That was after asking my neighbor who I know has that sort of thing and I had to trot across quickly to tell them I had found my own. I eventually got the lock installed but it still needs some adjustment. At that point, the weather started to turn nasty, and I stopped for the day on the lock. It works with a key, and I still have to program in the fob. Tomorrow will be a good day for that. 

Looking at the incoming weather, I quickly harnessed up the dogs and we went out for a very short walk just as far as the office where I had a delivery, again…This time, it was the towel holders that I had mentioned in a previous blog which I had managed to find on Amazon, where else! The smallest amount was a packet of 8. I can use 3 and maybe my friend BJ would like a couple as they are very useful. It is about fifty yards to the office and by the time we got back, the dogs were soaked requiring that they be toweled down before being let loose inside of Mr. George. 
I had to change clothes as I was also wet before settling down in front of the computer with a cup of tea. The dogs are still learning the new furniture, well Sandy is as Mikey has already claimed the most comfortable chair in the house, the new Lounger. With a bit of encouragement from me and dirty looks from Mikey, I got her to jump up in the Lounger and at present they are both zonked off, fast asleep. They really do get along very well and only when Mikey decides he wants to “ride” her, does she get mad at him. Her fault anyway as when they play, she always turns her rear end to him and uses her butt as a weapon. 

Another Class A, this time an older model has just pulled in across from me in the pouring rain. Needless to say, they are sitting and waiting for it to subside before setting up.  
With us all snug and dry and all caught up on the writing, it was time to think about the evening meal. I had planned to go in to HEB and to Fed Ex to drop off the other lock, but it took me much longer than I had anticipated working on the new lock so the trip will now be tomorrow. With the evening meal out of the way and the dogs happy with what they had, we settled down to watch TV. The medication that I had collected from PostNet the other day is working and I was able to enjoy that glass of wine as we watched the television, without getting an upset stomach. 

Written 03/23/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com