We awoke later than usual even for us. Funny, the dogs seem to be very content to snooze right alongside of me although when we do make a move, they are generally in a hurry to get out of the door for obvious reasons. Ignoring them, I took a shower and changed clothes, and at the same time, admiring the hamper that contains dirty laundry and observing just how full it is. Time to make that trip, I guess. 

We went out for the morning walk but with little activity and observed several open slots. The blacktop contactors have gone including all their equipment, so it was nice and peaceful. It had warmed up and I did not need a jacket and we walked one of the outside lanes, but the traffic is a bit of a problem. Some drivers slow down and give us a wide berth, but others treat the lane like their own private speedway regardless of who or what may be walking there. No one should be in that much of a hurry. 

Incidentally, the new latte machine works just fine. I just have to learn the different techniques for this one. It is only a coffee maker for gosh sakes, how hard can it be? I also looked at the new roaster oven as I need to put it to use cooking the chicken, I bought a couple of days ago. It does not appear to be too difficult, but neither is boiling water and I can mess that up too. 

I threw the bag of clothes in the car as all the detergent and stuff is there and made my way over to the laundry room. At least, that is where I was heading but I ran into Daniel and spent a pleasant half hour shooting the breeze with him before finally making it over. For the first time ever, none of the machines were in use and I chose the ones closest to the window in the hope that I could get the app to work. After loading the laundry, I got the App to work on the first machine but had to resort to the old fashioned, stick the quarters in the slot, for the other one. At least, the one will tell me when I need to go and put the laundry in the dryer. 

Back in Mr. George, I sat and wrote for a while as I was waiting for the laundry to do its thing. The App told me that the laundry was ready, and I made my way back. Apparently, another camper had need of the machine and had taken the laundry out of the washer and had placed it in the closest dryer. That was OK as I understand that there are just not enough machines. Pity they had not put in quarters and started it while they were at it…I got the App to work on both dryers and made my way back to Mr. George to wait for it to tell me when to go and fold and get out of there. Interesting that when I went in the first time, none of the machines were in use. When I went back, they were all in use. Timing is everything in life.  

With the laundry folded and put away for at least another couple of weeks, I turned my attention to researching the electronic locks and how to program one. It seems simple enough, but for some reason, I cannot get it to work. The lock works fine using the manufacturers issued code but as that is a standard code for all new electronic locks. it is not much of a deterrent. Something else to work on. Because of my inability to reprogram a new code, I cannot recode the key fob either, darn it. Still, even punching in the current code is an improvement on having to use a key every time. 

We went for the final walk of the day and managed to cover 1.5 miles total and when we got back to Mr. George, we sat outside for a bit passing comment to the neighbors as they walked by. Finally, we adjourned back inside, and I put the new cooking unit to work on the chicken breasts I had bought a couple of days earlier. This time around is a bit of an experiment both in the cooking and the amount of heat the unit generates on the marble countertop. Well, imitation marble. The unit worked like a dream and the chicken was beautifully browned and cooked, in a very short time. 

I fed the dogs, but they turned their noses up at the canned food that I normally serve them, waiting patiently and expectedly for some of the wonderful chicken they could smell. They each got a taster but that was all. OK, a bit more than a taster which of course, made them ignore their regular food even more. The way I see it, they can knuckle down and eat what is in front of them or as Marie Antionette once said, “Let them eat cake” only in this case, dry dog food, which is always available to them.  

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion of watching Seal Team on the TV with a glass of cheap wine. 

Written 03/25/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com