My new electric razor.

When I went to bed last evening, I had trouble getting the tall portable heater unit to work and thought that like most modern-day appliances, it had reached its prescribed useful life and had quit on me. After all, the coffee pot just quit working after about 3 years or so of constant use every morning, so why not the heater unit as it was about the same age, maybe a bit older but not having had anywhere near the use that the coffee pot got…I thought about switching on the coach heaters but decided against it knowing that I would not get that cold in the night. After all, I do have my own personal cuddly little hot water bottles in the form of Mikey and Sandy. Mikey is the real cuddler. Sandy, not so much unless it suits her as she tends to get hot and consequently is uncomfortable. Typical female. We all slept OK even without the additional heat from the defunct tower heater. 

It was a little cool when I eventually crawled out of bed which got me moving a bit quicker. We did the usual walk, running into Daniel on the way who naturally had to make a fuss of Sandy. Even Mikey made a halfhearted attempt to be friends. We returned to Mr. George for breakfast and coffee using the new coffee maker once more. I think I have the hang of this one now. While I was at it, I checked the heater unit and plugged it in to a different outlet and lo and behold, it worked. Take back all my bad thoughts about the manufacturers. Now, I need to check out that outlet and see what is wrong with it. Always something. 
I was in the bathroom doing my usual morning ablutions, one of which is of course, to shave. Somehow, my electric razor popped out of my hand and landed in the toilet which, because the lid happened to be up, submerged before I could rescue it. I fished it out and shook it a few times to get most of the water out of it and put it to one side waiting for it to dry. An hour later, when I deemed it had sufficient time to dry out, I tried it and it would not start so I plugged it in to recharge it and went about my business which consisted of the usual checking emails and answering those that needed a response. I tried the razor again and it worked fine until I tried to shut it off and it just kept on running. At that point, I figured that I needed a new razor anyway and added it to my list of things to do later that day. I have had that one for at least 10 years so maybe it is time for a change albeit, a forced one.  

I had other things I wanted to work on but decided that just in case I might have to drive into Austin to replace the razor, I should leave straightaway for Dripping Springs as by then, it was 3:30 pm. I am not a beard person having tried it in my younger days and decided that I like the clean-shaven look. As it turned out, the local Walgreens had several different kinds of electric razors in stock and I chose one by the same manufacturer, Braun, as I have had exceptionally good luck with them in the past. Good old German Engineering and all of that…I would still be using the other one if it were not for my carelessness. Maybe, I will close the lid of the toilet in the future, but it is a guy thing, to leave the lid up. And the butt of many jokes.  

From there. I headed to the HEB store and purchased a few things that I needed before heading back to Mr. George and two excited little dogs. After putting the groceries away, with a lot of unwanted help, we went out walking looking to see how many new arrivals there are. Daniel had told me they were expecting 8 altogether today. We eventually adjourned back to Mr. George for the evening but first spending some time sitting on the wicker couch, observing the coming, and going. Always interesting to people watch. Incidentally, we covered 2.2 miles for the day. 

Written 03/25/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com