For some reason, I woke up early and even made the effort to get out of bed. I had slept well which probably accounts for the early waking. As usual, we went out for the first walk of the day and this time, I let Sandy wander wherever she wanted to go. It was interesting as we crossed the road several times and zig zagged on the grass at each interesting smell. Many of the camp residents use this road a lot to walk their dogs as it dead ends and has almost zero traffic, Sandy was in seventh heaven and Mikey did his share of sniffing but usually only when she discovered something of interest and then of course, he had to check it out as well. 

Back in Mr. George as I watched, several of the campers in the temporary lots pulled out. I imagine that the ones with kids were weekend campers and were heading back to their “sticks and bricks” homes. Two more pulled in almost immediately to take their place. 

I decided that I needed to work on the new electric lock that I have installed. For some reason, it will not allow me to change the code and I am stuck with the factory code known to every RV crook. This means that although I have the convenience of just pushing buttons, so does anyone else who may be so inclined. I messed around with it and even took it off and then reassembled it again all to no avail. Need to do some more research to find out the problem.  

Closer inspection showed that the tongue was binding, and I decided that I needed to file the door plate where the actual lock tongue makes contact as that is a part of the problem. I probably have a small file somewhere, but goodness knows where. I jumped in the Jeep and made the short run to Home Depot and with the help of a young salesperson, found something close to what I needed. I took a chance and stopped at Starbucks and yea, they were open, and I ordered my usual Latte. When I got back to Mr. George, just for the hell of it, I tried the new combination and what do you know. the door opened without any trouble. Just to be sure I was not dreaming or something. I tried the new combo both to lock and unlock, several times and each time, it worked perfectly. Wow, somebody has taken pity on me. Now all I need to do is use the file just a little bit to make sure the lock is not binding and program in the key fob and hope not to mess that up while doing it. 

We went out for the final walk of the day mostly in the park. Murphy’s Law follows us around even when walking because if either dog “poops within the park,” I pick it up using the special plastic bags that are sold by the enterprising pet stores, for such things and then put the bag in the one of the three dumpsters. Two are located next to the washroom and the third is in the bottom section. Depending on which direction we are heading, I carry the bags and put them in the closest dumpster, and we often change course especially for that purpose. If anyone were observing our path, they would think I was drunk as there is no logic to the trail we take as we often backtrack to the closest dumpster. The dogs don’t care as they are simply happy to be out and about. I mumble under my breath, a lot, especially if either dumpster is at the other end of the park and we have already passed them at least once and sometimes more. Still, it is all good exercise for both them and me. 

We sat outside and watched the comings and goings as yet another RV pulled into the temporary slots with a much younger couple and a very young baby that staggered around and had on a huge diaper almost as big as it was. Sorry about the “it” but I have no idea of the sex of the infant. Fun to watch though and it brought home the comparisons between most of the campers who are old and retired and this younger couple who are just starting out. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion with food all around while watching television and drinking a glass of wine. Well, I watch the TV and drink the wine, The dogs just sleep… 

Written 03/27/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com