A late start, a late breakfast but what the heck. I do not have much planned for today but do have to drive into Austin to get my sunglasses fixed or a new set ordered, whichever applies. I spent time working on the blog writing and such before putting everything aside for the Austin trip. 

The drive in was uneventful and my first stop was at Goodwill which was on the way in. I dropped off five different camera bags that I no longer use and are taking up space, not having found anywhere else that would take them. Hopefully, some avid camera fanatic will find them useful. I also dropped off two pairs of shoes that I no longer wear and are taking up space that I can ill afford to give up. 

My next stop was just around the corner to my Optometrist where I had originally purchased both my glasses and shades and was warmly greeted by the desk staff. I have been coming here for more than 30 years although the staff changes frequently. I was directed to one of the glasses specialists who took one look and said, “she would be right back.” Actually “right back” took almost 30 minutes but she returned with the clip on repaired much to my satisfaction. While I was there, I ordered another set as a backup for when I start travelling again. 

From there, I located and headed towards Cothron’s Locksmith to get a couple of spare keys for the RV along with two of magnetic lock boxes to attach them to both Mr. George and the Jeep. Gotta be prepared especially with the new electronic lock. Things can happen like the batteries running flat which would prevent the electronic part of the lock from working. While I was in the locksmiths, a middle-aged Genteman walked in who had to be the tallest person I have ever seen in my entire life. I asked him and he told me that he was exactly 7 feet tall and “No, before you ask, I was not a basketball player”. He said he had some sort of medical problem which had caused the growth. We chatted for a bit as we waited for our keys. I also stopped at the place that I had bought the Blue-Ox towing unit and ordered a cover for it. 

With the keys paid for, I made my way to Walmart’s and did some grocery shopping buying the usual things. My grocery list does not change very much although occasionally, I do add something different. I have recently discovered vegetables in a plastic bag that can be microwaved and that is my latest fad. I am using the new cooktop for pork chops or chicken breasts, a perfect match with the veggies. Gotta eat healthy…I treated myself to a Latte on the way home before driving the back way for a change of scenery. 

Back in Mr. George, I tried the new keys just to make sure they worked as there is no sense being locked out with keys that do not open the door. That is the whole purpose of getting the extra keys anyway. Satisfied that the spare keys all worked, I harnessed up the two excited little dogs and we went out walking.  

The day ended in the usual fashion watching TV and the evening meal. Incidentally, with the change of the clocks, the evening meal has been pushed back, not on purpose but because we are usually doing things much later. For instance, it was almost 6:00 pm before I got back from my trip into Austin. That was followed by some chores that needed doing before walking the dog and then meal preparation. 

Written 03/28/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com