The deer does a good job of blending in.

Nothing planned for today except start getting ready for the move to Site 4. There is not a lot I can do prior to the actual move as I do not have to pack the outside things but just put them onto the Jeep carrier and move them that way. It will take a couple of trips but as it is only 50 yards and if I drive slowly, no big deal. Actually, I was surprised that I stayed in site 21 for as long as I have as it is classified as a temporary pull thru site for the overnighters and such. 

We went out for our usual half mile walk around the park and noticed a lot of other empty sites, so people are still travelling regardless of the gas prices. I suppose a lot depends on the need to travel for business or if it is just for pleasure. and with the latter, a couple of days extra spent at a nice campground may be preferable. 

I sat and wrote for most of the morning and posted several more of the finished blogs adding pictures as I went along. In the end, I am completely caught up to date with writing and posting, thank goodness as it is much harder to play catchup. Today is a cloudy day and very windy but it has not rained although we could use some. Probably waiting for Thursday when I move Mr. George to Site #4. 

Th rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion, walking the dogs, and then retiring back to Mr. George for the rest of the evening. 

Written 03/28/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

Henly RV Park Day 30, Wednesday.


Spring is here

I awoke in the night to the sound of the wind and the occasional shudder from Mr. George as another violent wind blast struck, him. It must have been really strong to rock the RV like that. I did not know it until the morning, but it also rained. Glad we were not outside in it. Thinking that there was nothing I could do about it, I rolled over and went back to sleep. It would have to be a tornado to tip Mr. George over. 

I checked around in the morning but apart from my outside trash can blown over, which, incidentally is anchored to the wicker couch, there did not appear to be anything damaged or missing. We went out for the morning walk as it was a beautiful, sunny day and passed one other camper walking his hound dog. Actually, they passed us as everybody, and their dog walk faster than we do. Back inside Mr. George, we did the usual breakfast thing before sitting down in front of the computer to record the day’s narrative. 

Having caught up with the blog, I went out and programmed in the Key Fob without any trouble whatsoever except for trying to read the very fine print on the back of the lock itself telling me which button was what. I had to get my magnifying glass to help me. As I get older, the print gets smaller or so it seems. While I was at it, having located extra storage under the bed, I heaved it up and propped it open with a chunk of wood and then found some of the storage boxes that have stuff in that I am probably never going to use again, ever. That is, until I need whatever it may be and then I will go searching until I locate it, heavy bed, and all. The bed in my last RV did not have storage under it but the Eagle did. In fact, it had the full length under the short Queen size bed as storage and was already equipped with hydraulic lifter assists. It looks like Mr. George previous owners took off the ones that were installed for whatever reason, maybe because they had made some adjustments for the bed to fit a King Size mattress. Anyway, I jumped online to where else, Amazon, and found what I needed, ordered them and they should be here tomorrow. Thank goodness as lifting the lid that covers the storage area which includes lifting the new mattress, was about as much as I wanted to handle. The hydraulic lifts will certainly help although the plan is not to use that storage for anything that I am likely to need in the immediate future. You could call it, long term storage for stuff I should probably throw away. 

I also worked on getting Mr. George ready to move tomorrow, putting in expanding rods and such to stop things from moving around too much. Stuff on shelves is likely to pop off with movement and the things on the counter will go in the sink or some other safe place even for such a short distance. On the last trip with Miss Daisy, the refrigerator door came unlatched and there were cans and such rolling around all over the place. I ignored it and continued on my way to clean it up at the next stop, a hundred miles or so, later. Moving also includes hooking rubber tie downs around the furniture to stop the drawers from sliding open and to keep the moveable furniture in place. This includes the small file cabinet I have with my important (to me), papers and now the new desk and office chair, Bungy cords are great for this sort of work. Even though the distance is short, trucks or RV’s being what they are, ride extremely hard and things bounce around even at very slow speeds. 

I decided that as I had not seen anyone going to the laundry room, I should take a chance and do mine. Prior to this, I had to go through the dreaded, make the bed routine and change the sheets. As it happens, it went very well this time and with only the minimum amount of cussing although Mikey was determined to help and kept getting in the way. I need to train him to fold down the top sheet after making the bed which is the hardest part due to the stretch required just to reach it. Two people, or a trained dog, would be able to do it much easier, one on either side. 

Wonders on wonders, I got the App to work for both washing machines although they both showed different finishing times for some reason. Guess I need to work on that next time. I wandered back to Mr. George to write before heading back over an hour later to put the stuff in the dryers. This time, the App worked correctly and the finishing time, which takes an hour, is only a minute apart on both machines. The miracles of the internet or maybe, I have finally figured it all out. I folded the laundry feeling good about getting it done and especially good about making the bed without any trouble, with Mikey’s help of course. 

With the laundry put away, I turned my attention to the immediate problem of walkies. We harnessed up and walked the outside road that has the next to least amount of traffic and managed to cover 2.2 miles for the day. 

I was sitting outside in the wicker couch watching the world go by and at the same time, offering whoever was passing, a couple of large plastic totes for the taking. I managed to get rid of one to an older couple that were very friendly although Mikey did not think so. He eventually shut up and thanking me profusely, they went on their way. One down and one to go. 

Written 03/30/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com