Mr. George and the Jeep – All of my physical worldly possessions are in these two. Interesting that when you get rid of the clutter, just how little you really need to live comfortably.

We took our usual stroll around the park noting the comings and goings of the many campers. This place is constantly on the move except for the few residents who live here full time albeit for 6 months or a year or sometime longer. Many are here on work assignments and stay as long as that particular project lasts. I am in my 5th month this time around but plan to leave at the end of the month, I hope. So far, places unknown but Mr. George is an RV, and I can point him in any direction. 

I spent time on finishing off a couple of blogs and posted them along with accompanying pictures. Hard to believe that we are in April as the year is flying by along with my life. Big sigh…I received notification that the blind I had ordered has arrived. I harnessed up the dogs and we wandered over to the office. There was no mistaking which was my package as it was 5ft long. It was not heavy, and we made our way back to Mr. George where I carefully opened it to inspect the contents. I will attempt to install it tomorrow which will not be hard but just a little tricky. I have also received the pair of hydraulic lifts for the bed and need to install them as well. The hardest part of this installation will be in lifting the bottom of the bed, mattress, and all. Looks like tomorrow may be a busy day. 

The rest of the day was uneventful and very relaxing. Later on, we did the walkies thing although it has warmed up considerably. Spring is here in Texas, and it will probably be summer on Tuesday with the temperature forecast to be 95 degrees. 

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Henly RV Park Day 3 – Sunday


Spotted on my walk around the park this morning. My heart goes out to them.

We got up early, for us and wandered around the park getting in that first walk of the day. The sun was shining bright, and it had already warmed up to 65 degrees. Looks like it is going to be another hot, sunny day. I ate breakfast and spent some time talking on the phone to my good friend BJ about, of all things, ponds. You know that previous life that I had way back when. 

After breakfast as I had planned, I looked at installing the new blind. It did not appear to be very hard but first I had to take the valance that covered the top of the window off, to clear the way for the blind installation. There was nothing complicated about the installation except for lining it up and the difficulty of getting to the screws with my electric screwdriver. There was not enough room to use a regular hand one and luckily, I have a small battery-operated unit that just fit. With the blind installed and operable, I turned my attention to rehanging the valance. This was even more difficult due to the lack of space, especially now that the blind was installed. I eventually succeeded and chalked that as a job well done. Now, at least I can shut out the afternoon sun. I had wondered for a long time why the previous owners or even the RV manufacturers had never installed a blind there. 

The next project was to install the power lifters in the storage area under the bed. Easier to get to but a much more difficult project. First, I had to roll up the existing mattress to the top end of the bed not affected by the work which by itself was no easy task. I finally managed to drag and sort of fold the mattress and it fought me all of the way. Keep in mind, this is a short queen mattress of the expandable foam variety all of 12 inches thick and hard to compress in any way, shape, or form. It has a mind of its own or seemed to plus, we are talking RV here and the bedroom is not a lot bigger than the mattress. 

I finally had it clear of the bottom section of the bed and was able to raise the lid of the storage area which is also the deck of the bed. Following the directions and with the help of my electric screwdriver, I carefully placed the parts where I thought they belonged and snapped on the two hydraulic lifts, one on each side and promptly discovered that they would not operate in the position shown on the drawing. I could not close the lid or even make any difference to its position. I had no choice but to take everything off and start over using plan no 2 on the paperwork supplied. With everything re-assembled in the new location, I gently pushed the lid down to test it out and with a loud pop and bang, the wood frame split in a couple of places. The dogs did not understand the words I was using and paid me no mind, lucky for them as they are too young to learn such language.

I looked at the situation and the damage the springs had created and wondered if I might be better off without the lifters. I do not plan to use that storage for anything other than just that, storage. It contains items that for sentimental reasons, I am still hanging onto and should probably throw or give away and will not get visited or used very often. With that thought in mind, I went about cutting a piece of wood to act as a prop to hold the cover open when I did need to get in there and at the same time, screwed a block on the underside of the door for it to prop against. That is, if I ever need to go looking. I then went about unscrewing all the hardware and putting it back in the boxes it came in to return it later. 

I struggled with the mattress after repairing the damage caused by the power lifters and finally got it in place. This was followed by the dreaded, “make the bed” routine which, I must say is much easier now that I have gotten it down to a fine art. Practice makes perfect and all that… 

I was one tired old man with aches and pains in places I did not know still had muscles which maybe I do not and which accounts for the aches and pains. When we went out for that final walk of the day. It was late, for us, walking around as the work had taken much longer than I anticipated. Still, with the window blind installed and an attempt to attach the bed lifters leading to the decision that the depth of the storage area at only 30 inches, apparently, only allows for a 20-inch lift which is hardly sufficient, has decided me that I will do without the lifters and use lifting the mattress when needed, as weight training. 

The day ended in the usual fashion following the walk.  I watched a couple of English Premier games marveling at the skills those players have and moaning and complaining like a crazy man when one of them messed up. Just another typical supporter.

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