Seen on our walks.

It was a dull and cloudy day when we finally awoke and crawled out of bed. Neither dog was in any hurry to get up and did not even bother to bug me when I showered, most unusual for Richie who really likes attention. Still, that did give me more time to get going and before long, I was lacing up my boots. That brought them both running, and we took a stroll around the park. Back in Mr. George, I fed both dogs, not really expecting them to eat the canned food. We have several varieties and types but unless, their food has cut up chicken breast that I have cooked for myself, or something similar mixed in, they are reluctant to eat. Not spoilt of course…Even then, they will pick out the good stuff and maybe eat the canned stuff later in the day, maybe. 

The walk around was no different than the hundreds of others we have been on, and we returned to Mr. George. I had already decided to go into Austin to retrieve my mail and planned on grabbing breakfast and coffee to go on the way. The trip in was uneventful and so was the mail, nothing and I mean nothing of importance. I suppose that is a good thing as I had no nasty surprises. I did get a call back notice from Ford telling me that my 2021 F450 had a recall but as I no longer own that vehicle, did not think I should worry about it. 

On the way back to Henly, I stopped at a 7-11 to gas up as it was the cheapest, I had spotted on the way in, and it still cost me $74.00 for the Jeep with its 25-gallon tank. Cannot wait to fill Mr. George which has a 45-gallon gas tank and gets maybe 8 mpg if I am lucky.
I spent the rest of the cloudy day working on the blog and doing other things that did not require too much physical labor as my old body was still sore from yesterday’s exertions. We did our usual walk around later in the day and noticed how empty the park is. A lot of campers have moved on to who knows where.

Written 04/05/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 5 – Tuesday


The Beauty of Nature

There was not a cloud in the sky when we took our morning walk, a sure sign it is going to be hot. It was already 70 degrees on that first walk of the day and forecast is for it to reach 95 degrees today. I guess, the Texas spring has lasted its usual 3 days and now it is already summer. That is one of the problems with the Texas weather that you do not ease into it a few degrees at a time. It warms up a bit from the winter cold and bam! It is 100 degrees. It does not stop there as it can easily reach 110 degrees or more In the Summer and for several days on end. The record is held by Dallas, of 70 consecutive 100-degree days set in September 2011. 

I played in a Soccer Tournament also in Dallas back in the day, not the dates mentioned above, thank goodness, and it was 107 degrees. Those on the sidelines were standing in a line in the shadow of the floodlight poles as that was the only shade around. Those that had the misfortune to be playing, were calling for a sub every 10 minutes and at the end, even the subs were refusing to go in for their mates which by itself is very unusual as everyone normally complains about not getting enough playing time. Needless, to say, the game was played almost at a walking pace towards the end. 

 That was the hottest I had ever played in and never want too again. Luckily for me, or maybe unluckily, depending on how you look at it, now I am now too bloody old and feeble to play, hot weather and all. Human Nature being what it is, we complain when it is cold and freezing and say things like, “Can’t wait for the summer to be here” and then when it arrives along with the 100-degree heat, we are wishing for the return of cooler weather. There is no pleasing humans. 

After not being able to locate a certain document because my filing system is non-existent, I decided that I should spend some time on trying to straighten it out a bit. I worked for almost three hours and ended up with a large plastic bag full of papers that I no longer needed all torn up into tiny pieces. I found stuff that was 30 years old which, needless to say, was not of any use to me so it had to go. Talk about re-living the past as it flashed in front of my eyes as I scanned each piece of paper. When I was finally through, I had located the document that I was searching for, much to my relief, as it made the effort worthwhile. 

I bagged up the rest of the garbage and put it in the Jeep along with the hydraulic lifters that I was planning to return to Amazon and telling the dogs I would not be long, dropped the trash off at the dumpster and then headed into Dripping Springs to the UPS store. My timing was bad as it was rush hour and the traffic was bumper to bumper for at least a mile. We slowly inched our way forward and eventually, I arrived at the UPS office just in time as they close at 5:00 pm. This time, knowing the drill, I had already pulled up the Amazon App and retrieved my return information. I was out of there in no time flat. Just as I was leaving, I noticed the beautiful rose bush and switched off the engine to take the picture.

Figuring that I had earned a Latte for such a busy day, I stopped at Starbucks before making my way back to Henly and to two excited little dogs. It was 91 degrees outside, and I decided to wait a bit before taking them out walking although they could not understand my reasoning with Sandy giving me the evil eye. I sat and wrote for a while just to keep up before strapping on their harnesses. 

Following the walk, I sat in front of the computer for a while before stopping for the day. This was followed by the evening meal which for me was the chicken and vegetables I had cooked a couple of days ago. Both dogs watched every mouthful I ate just in case I dropped something, and, in the end, they each did get a taster. After all, who can resist those big brown eyes with their unwavering stare. If their goal were to make me feel guilty, they succeeded… 

Written 04/05/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com