Flowers n’ leaves

It was a dull and cloudy day when we finally awoke and crawled out of bed. Neither dog was in any hurry to get up and did not even bother to bug me when I showered, most unusual for Richie who really likes attention. Still, that did give me more time to get going and before long, I was lacing up my boots. That brought them both running, and we took a stroll around the park. Back in Mr. George, I fed both dogs, not really expecting them to eat the canned food. We have several varieties and types but unless, their food has chicken breast that I have cooked for myself, or something similar mixed in, they are reluctant to eat. Not spoilt of course…Even then, they will pick out the good stuff and maybe eat the canned stuff later in the day, maybe. 

The walk around was no different than the hundreds of others we have been on, and we returned to Mr. George. I had already made plans to go into Austin to retrieve my mail and planned on grabbing breakfast and coffee to go on the way. The trip in was uneventful and so was the mail, nothing and I mean nothing of importance. I suppose that is a good thing as I had no nasty surprises. I did get a call back notice from Ford telling me that my 2021 F450 had a recall but as I no longer own that vehicle, did not think I should worry about it. 

On the way back to Henly, I stopped at a 7-11 to gas up as it was the cheapest, I had spotted on the way in, and it cost me $74.00 for the Jeep with its 25-gallon tank. Cannot wait to fill Mr. George who has a 45-gallon gas tank. 
I spent the rest of the cloudy day working on the blog and doing other things that did not require too much physical labor as my old body was still sore from yesterday’s exertions. 

Written 04/05/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 6 Wednesday


The Simple Beauty of Nature

We got up to another beautiful sunny day although it was very windy and blustery and took a long walk around the park and on the road at the bottom of the park covering about a mile. A very good start to the day. I fixed breakfast for us all before settling down in front of the computer. As usual, most of the emails were trashed and the couple that had any meaning were quickly dealt with. 

I was checking the files in the file cabinet after yesterday’s clean up and suddenly, the front of the file drawer fell off. Why it decided to fall apart today, I have no idea. I looked it over but could not see any damage to it and after studying it for a bit, managed to put it back together as the clips all snapped back into place. Something to watch out for in the future. I swear these sorts of things happen just to keep me on my toes. For some reason, this reminded me that I needed to go into Austin to pick up a cover that I had previously ordered for the Blue-Ox towing unit installed on the back of Mr. George. While in Austin, I visited Walmart’s and picked up some groceries, enough to get me through the next few days and replenished my supply of wine with a couple of bottles of the cheap stuff. 

Prior to that, I stopped at Whole Earth Provisions, a camping store, as I was looking for another pair of walking shoes instead of the boots that I normally wear. They had to have hard soles as I have discovered the hard way, that I cannot wear shoes such as sneakers anymore. Just do not have the balance for them. Another part of growing old. I thought the last pair I bought was a size 11 extra wide. I finally settled for a size 10 wide, and they fit perfectly. Needless to say, I put my old boots in the box and kept the shoes on and wore them home. Incidentally, I went through the shoes and boots that I had and donated all of those that I can no longer wear. Someone else can get some use out of them. 

Back at Mr. George, I first had to put the groceries away before we went out for a walk. The dogs helped as they usually do getting more in the way than actual helping but we had fun. I harnessed them up and we walked around the park and was just settling down to sit on the wicker couch when I realized that I had lost the case for the snap on sun covers… again. This is the second time it has happened and both times is when I pull out the phone, usually to take a picture. Remembering where I took the pictures was easy as I only took two and all I had to do was retrace my steps to the picture sites. The dogs still had their harness on so off we went, first to one location which, of course, happened to be the furthest away, with no luck and then on to the second where the case lay. I need to put the glasses case in a different pocket, I guess. Still, we all got some extra exercise out of it, and I covered over 2 miles with walking in Walmart’s as well. 

We sat outside for a while and watched the world go by before adjourning to Mr. George to spend the evening in the usual way. 

Written 04/06/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com