The leaves are coming out.

Another nice sunny day although it was windy enough to turn us around from the direction, we were heading so that we had our backs to it. Well, my back to it as the dogs do not count because they are already low to the ground. As we walk, I am always looking for something that would take a good picture for the blog. One thing I have noticed is that the Live Oaks that surround us are in different stages of both dropping leaves and growing new ones. Some look positively barren and brown and are still covered in dead leaves while others, that may be in the same group of trees, are covered with all new growth. I wonder if Nature does that on purpose or is it something to do with the age and size of the tree. Live Oaks are different anyway as most other trees drop their leaves in the Fall. 

We passed another Class C that was getting ready to pull out only this one had a hired truck and driver to do the towing and the owners were following in their car. Must be locals. Today, the park is pretty empty except for the permanent tenants but even as we watched, another small RV came in.  

Back in Mr. George following the usual breakfast and coffee, I settled down in front of the computer. Most emails were of no interest and quickly passed over and today, not even one that required my attention. Socially, I have very few friends and acquaintances other than the few I do correspond with, and I am not interested in “friending” people just to add to the count. As it is, on my Facebook account, I have a lot of “friends” who I have no clue who they may be. I usually unfriend as many as possible as soon as I see a new one pop up. Never understood why anyone would want to be “friends” with someone electronically specially someone you have never met and, never will. Not my definition of a friend at all. There must be two sorts of friends, the Facebook kind, and the real-life ones and I choose the latter. 

I worked on posting a couple more blogs which generally takes a bit of preparation time with adding pictures and such. Looking out of the window, the one with the new pull-down blind, I sat and thought about the future, what to do and where to go, or not. Unless something comes up that currently I am unaware of, there is nothing stopping me from moving on at the end of the month. My taxes are done, I have no more doctors’ or other appointments in the immediate future and nothing to hold me back. I think that I will stay in the local states Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. and limit the travelling and the hope that the price of gas will come down. 

I talked to my next-door neighbor about putting the bird feeder under the trees on her little lot so that I can see it from where I sit and write, and she was all for it. I had to punch a hole in the ground with a long metal bar and then pound the metal legs in the rest of the way. I devised a way with some hangers, to stop the deer from tipping the feeders over to get at the seed which, hopefully, will work. We will see. I had a couple of other small chores that I needed to do around Mr. George and when they were finished, I went back inside to the A/C and sat and listened to an Audiobook for a while before taking the dogs out walking for the last walk of the day.

Written 04/07/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com