This coach is similar to the one that hosted the barbecue. Beautiful…

We did our usual walk around the park with a beautiful sunny morning. The wind was still blowing but more like a soft breeze than the heavy gusts of the day before. Following breakfast, I was sitting and writing when a knock came on my door which by itself is unusual as we tend not to get very many visitors. I opened it to see Melinda standing there and wondered what I had done wrong as she usually only knocks for one of those sorts of reasons. Turns out it was nothing like that at all. In fact, the exact opposite as she came to inquire of my future plans. I am scheduled to pull out at the end of the month but that is not fixed in stone which I told her. She offered me a new site, #19 on the left side of the park with a lot more shade than I have now for my future use when I stay there. The times that I do travel, they will sublet it out until such times as I come back. I quickly thought it over and decided it was a good deal and agreed to it. Not sure when I need to move as the site is occupied until next week. There will still be a couple of weeks left to the end of the month, assuming that I decide to travel and not stay another month. It is a good deal for me as I now have a guaranteed site for the future regardless of any travelling I may do. She also invited me to a cook-out that was going to be held that evening at site 13. 

I busied myself around Mr. George working on a couple of small projects that I had been putting off. I have a couple of mats inside to soften walking and they tend to slide around. I purchased some rug grippers online and spent time attaching them to various mats. I also had some backup keys made and sorted them out into the proper groups and installed them in two magnetic lock boxes to be attached to both the Jeep and to Mr. George, just in case. If I can get into the RV, then I can get at the spare keys I have there. I worked a bit more on the lock, but I need a file stone that will fit in my drill as the space is so small that it is impossible to use a hand file. 

I remembered about the barbeque invite and decided that it sounded like fun and an opportunity to meet some of my fellow campers and at 6:30 pm, I grabbed a bottle of wine, my contribution to the party, and my deck chair and wandered over to Site 13. This site has a large Class A sitting in it that does not look very old. I had admired it before on my walks with the dogs. The owners, Cindy and Ed greeted me warmly and Cindy offered to show me the RV which is obviously her pride and joy. It is a brand-new 33 feet long Miramar and is absolutely beautiful inside. Heck, it even has two bathrooms. She showed me the drawer spaces, some in unusual places where the designers had not wasted anything. It even has a washer and dryer. My guess, somewhere in the $200,000 – $300,000 range but if they can afford it, what the heck. They too have been here for a couple of months, but I did not get the chance to talk about their plans. 

The party was fun with a lot of banter going on. There were around twenty or so people, mostly regulars and extended stay tenants in attendance all sitting in a big circle with the cooking ongoing at one end. I knew a lot of them from my walks. People were chattering away and when the food was served, hamburgers or brats, or both if you so desired with all the fixings, the chatter died down for a bit as people concentrated on their food. My next-door neighbor was sitting on my left and another neighbor on my other side and I spent most of my time talking to them. Occasionally, someone else would ask a question of me or pass a remark but it was a big circle and difficult to hold a conversation across it. 
I ate more than I should of food that I do not normally eat and began to feel the urge to use a bathroom. I quickly said my goodbyes and hurried back to my RV which was not very far away and barely making it to the bathroom in time. Quite obviously, brats and hamburgers are not high on my list of things to eat, and I paid the price. Pity really as I had enjoyed the evening. I will know better next time if there is one. 

With my stomach settled down, I fed the dogs before watching Seal Team with all the blood and gore. I sat and wondered how it was that the Seals, who were supposed to be incredibly good sharpshooters, let off such long bursts of machine gun fire at the bad guys instead of aiming and picking them off and how, with all the bullets flying around, very rarely did a Seal get hit and yet bad guys were falling down all over the place. That and they never seemed to run out of bullets. Only in the movies. 

Written 04/09/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com