Simple and Beautiful

We did our usual walk around after a night of sleep and dreams. At least, my upset stomach of the night before brought on by the Brats or the Hamburger, or both, had not bothered me, and I had slept peaceably enough. Unfortunately, long gone are the days of blissful, untroubled sleep which was the sleep of my youth when my prostate did not control the amount and length of sleep that I got. Nowadays, there is always one interruption although it is close to morning and if I ever got up at a reasonable hour instead of waking and sleeping late every day, would be considered normal. 

Following breakfast, I sat down and answered a couple of emails and trashed a lot more before concentrating on writing. I thought about the party and my close call with Nature as I hurriedly left, wondering that if I get any future invites, what should I eat? Definitely not the Brats. Ot that, I am quite sure. I received a phone call from one of my ex-neighbors from the old house and we chatted for 30 minutes or more. She is from Peru and has travelled all over and is remarkably interesting to talk to. 

I spent time working on the blog before taking the dogs walking just so they could stretch their little legs. I needed the exercise too after sitting around. It was a slow walk as it had warmed up and we were in no hurry anyway. We met a couple of other dogs taking their humans walking and whenever we can, I either hang back or change direction so as there are no confrontations. Between the dogs that is as the humans all get along fine. 

We came back and the dogs settled down to rest after their exertions while I pottered around on a few chores. These included working on the bird feeders to try to stop the deer from emptying them which they do on a regular basis. I devised a system where I taped another bar across the feeder pole and then hooked the feeders at the bottom in an attempt to stop the deer from tipping them to empty the seed. While I was at it, I also fixed the pole so that I could put Hummingbird feeders out. The pole is pretty crowded but hopefully, the birds won’t mind. 

With that little project complete, I settled down to an Audiobook story and finished listening to Stephen King’s, Billy Summers. It was a remarkable story and King is such a talented writer. I really like his work. Following the end of that story, we went out for the third walk of the day much to the dog’s delight. Mine too as I also needed the exercise. It is so easy just to sit around. The one thing I do not do, unless it is an important soccer game, is watch TV during the day and even then, the game must be something like the FA Cup final or the World Cup Final. Something really big and important. 

We finished off the evening in the usual way and this time, I watched Brighton and Hove Albion, the team my Great, Great Grandson plays on, beat Chelsea. Overall, another enjoyable day and anytime any team beats Chelsea, it is a bonus. 

Written 04/09/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com