She watched us for a long time until we got too close.

We got up at a reasonable hour, for us, due mainly to the strong wind that was blowing with some gusts powerful enough to rock Mr. George. When I opened the door to go walking, everything was still in its place and had nor blown all over the campground. The wicker couch and small table are heavy, the outside mat is weighted down with my hand dumbbells plus a few rocks and everything else is secured. I knew that I brought the hand dumbbells along for something as it certainly was not for exercise. Working out with weights is no longer on my list of things to do although it should be as I have very little left in the way of shoulder and upper arm muscles. It is that mental thing, again. How does that saying go, “The flesh is week, but the mind is willing?” In my case, it is the other way around with the flesh still able to lift the weights but the mind saying, “Let us not do this today. Maybe another day.” 

We wandered around the park saying “Good Morning” to any other people that we met unless they had a dog, that is. Then, we changed direction and went a different way to avoid the barking confrontation. It gets embarrassing for me. Not the dogs though as they like to be the center of their own attention. 

Back in Mr. George, we all had breakfast although the dogs, in their usual way, turned their noses up at the bowl of canned food placed in front of them. It did not have Deli Roast chicken in it that I have been eating for my evening meal of which they get the skin and parts I do not eat mixed in. Without it, it is not worthy of their time, until they get really hungry that is, then they eat anything. They are not spoiled, of course… 

I went out and checked on the bird feeder that I had worked on yesterday and, much to my delight, it was still full of seed which means that either my system is working, and the deer are unable to tilt the feeders to empty them OR, the deer did not visit last evening. There are a lot of birds congregated and feeding including Hummingbirds. Which I can see from the window by the desk. Nice to watch the activity. I think the feeder needs to be moved ten feet more out in the open and easier for me to see.  

There are always things to do around Mr. George as with any RV. The tanks must be emptied on a frequent basis as a backup is most unpleasant. Things like A/C or heat are not automatic and need to be set as required. If I leave for a few hours at this time of the year. I always make sure to turn on the A/C, so the dogs do not overheat while I am gone. RVs are notorious for not having the best of insulation and are very subject to summer temperatures and winter cold. It still cools off in the evenings and I use a portable heater to keep it warm through the night. It too is thermostatically controlled. Some of the differences than in a Bricks and Sticks. 

I decided that I really needed to go to HEB and buy a few supplies as we were getting low on some things. I could have gotten by, but I really wanted to go somewhere and do something and HEB was the best I could do at such short notice. With the groceries bought, I stopped at Starbucks and bought a small Latte to drink on the way back but decided that it was probably a mistake as they no longer taste as good as they used to. I drank it anyway but will know in the future. Back at Mr. George, I put the groceries away with a lot of help from the dogs and then harnessed them up for the final walk of the day. Altogether, I covered 2 miles, the dogs a bit less as they did not walk around, HEB. 

We sat outside on the wicker couch watching the people as they walked by, some with dogs which always gets a reaction from mine and is followed by a lot of scolding from me, not that it makes much difference as when the next dog walks by leading his or her master or mistress, it starts all over again. Ed and Cindy, the couple with the Miramar walked by with a chair that someone had left behind from the party and we stopped and chatted for about 30 minutes. Interesting couple and I learned they had paid less than $170,000 for their rig. They got a good deal as it has more room than mine. 

We retired back inside of Mr. George for the evening for our usual meal followed by watching the EPL and my second favorite team who used to be my favorite team until recently when their form has fallen off dramatically plus the fact that I have a Great, Great Grandson playing for a different team.  

Written 04/10/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com