I got up at a reasonable hour although the dogs did not appear to be in any hurry to get out of bed. I was finished with the shower and shave when they both eventually decided to join me and that was only because they knew it was time for walkies. After I harness them up and am prepared to open to open the RV door, I have to make sure that I am ready as they both fly down the steps ending up with a jerk as they reach the end of their leashes. If I weren’t ready for it, I too would be sent flying down the steps to join them. I carefully follow as making my way down is more difficult than going up. My right knee has lost some of its flexibility due to the lack of cartilage, an old soccer throwback, and does not bend too well. 

We stopped to talk to Daniel who was making his morning rounds and this time, Mikey actually came to him and allowed a quick pat on the head before hiding behind me as he usually does when we meet other people. Unless they have dogs that is, then he goes into attack mode as he is ready to defend me and Sandy. He really is a strange little dog. So timid and yet so ferocious. 

It was already warming up inside of Mr. George when we returned, and the A/C was doing its thing. My new site that I hope to be moving into at the end of the week, has a lot more shade which will be very welcome with the upcoming summer months. A lot depends on if we travel which is what the general plan is. What, where and when are the unknown factors. 

Following breakfast and coffee, the most important part of the day, I settled down to check and answer any emails that needed it before concentrating on writing the blog. I posted the two poems that I wrote yesterday, a very productive day for me as the creative juices were really flowing. I sat back and admired our work and wondered what to do for the rest of the day although by then, it was already 2:30 pm. I started off by taking care of some business that I had let slip, nothing serious which Is why I had not taken care of it before. I followed this with writing a letter to my two sons in England catching up with the news to keep them informed and of course, to maintain contact with them. One of them supports the same football teams in the EPL that I do and is in fact the Grandfather to Solly March, who plays for Brighton and Hove Albion of whom we are all immensely proud.  

By then, it was time to take the dogs out at least that is what Sandy was telling me. She sat there with an unwavering stare with her big, brown eyes and in the end, I just had to give in to her and we harnessed up. Walking the park was fun and we covered a little over a mile for the day before heading back to Mr. George where we sat outside for an hour, watching the people and cars as they walked or drove by. I listened to an Audiobook for a while before we headed back inside for the evening. 

Written 04/14/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com