We awoke really late for whatever reason, and it was 10:30 before we rolled out of bed. Well, I rolled out and the dogs stayed behind still snoozing and did not come out until they thought it was time to go walking. It was a somewhat overcast day as we did a quick stroll around the park saying hello to whoever we met or barking at them in dog hoping they would understand. The Park was quiet without very much activity and another Class A pulled into one of the temporary slots. From this site, there are four temporary slots off to my left that have frequent comings and goings. 

Following our usual breakfast and coffee, I sat and answered emails or rather trashed as many as possible and answered maybe two, and watched Delores, my next-door neighbor as she raked the dirt in front of her RV. She had previously bagged up all the leaves and I wondered what she was raking this time and then I remembered that Daniel had promised her some grass seed and she was preparing the soil for it. A very industrious lady. At least, she will not have to mow it as Daniel will take care of that for her with his riding mower. I watched as she carried a heavy water can to wet the ground and then remembered that I had a hose hooked up that would reach her plot of land and offered her the use of it which she gratefully accepted. 

As I watched, yet another Airstream pulled into the temporary sites. They really are a nice unit and I wonder why I never really explored them. Probably because they are so much more expensive (he said after spending $100,000 on his current RV). Go figure…I watched as a mother and her son of about 12 walked by. She, carrying a bag of trash as they headed for the dumpster, He, on the other hand, had his nose buried in his iPhone and had no clue as to what was going on around him in the real world. The kids and some adults are missing out on so much that is happening and are the least observant of all generations. How can you learn if you do not see much less, understand what is going on around you? Phones are both a blessing and a curse. 

The day was another very quiet one and comprised of walking the dogs, eating breakfast, and working on the blog that was until Melinda stopped by to chat with me about site 16. She said the current tenants are pulling out tomorrow and wanted to know when I would be moving. I told her that I too would move tomorrow as it was supposed to rain on Sunday, and we left it at that. She asked that I send her a picture of the electric meter when I leave so she could make the necessary adjustments. 

When she left, I immediately started work on moving preparations both inside and outside Mr. George. Inside, I put up shelf retainers that keep stuff from falling off them and put away as much as I could. Outside, it was stacking stuff ready to move tomorrow. Satisfied that I had done all I could do, we went out walking around the park before retiring for the evening spent in the usual way of the evening meal, after feeding my two little buddies followed by a glass of relaxing wine and EPL on the TV. 

Written 04/17/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 16 Saturday


Moving Day. We got up at a reasonable hour and went out for a short walk followed by a quick breakfast, and I scanned the mail just to be sure that there was nothing of importance. Do not know why I worry about it as I never usually get very much that requires my attention and today was no different. Just in case and all that. 

Then it was time to start putting things on the bed and in the sink and other storage places to stop them moving around even for the very short trip. Satisfied that I had most of everything taken care off inside the RV, I went outside and began loading as much as I could on the Jeep carrier knowing that as I was only going 500 feet, I did not need to strap it down or cover it up and I could make several trips, which I did. I carefully stacked the stuff at the new site making sure it was not in the way before heading back to Mr. George to move him. There is a routine that I follow when it comes to both moving the RV and in setting it back up. I unhooked the sewer and water hose but left the power chord attached until the very last thing. Next came bringing in the slide and finally the power cord, and with the jacks raised, I eased forward off the wood blocking and headed slowly over to the new site. This time, I did not have Daniel to help direct me, but it was a straightforward back in job with plenty of vision all around and I only had to make a couple of small adjustments before I was satisfied. From there, it was business as usual, placing blocks under the legs and leveling the rig which I had to do manually as the automatic system is off and needs re-calibrating. It went well and Mr. George was set in his new site.  

The next thing was blocking the wheels which was straightforward as only one was slightly off the ground and I placed levelling blocks under it before attaching water, sewer and power and bringing out the slide which appeared to lock up at the end and now will not function. I will need to get the mechanic to look at it. Always something… 

When we got back, we sat outside for a while on the wicker couch as we usually do but this time, with our new orientation, we were facing the setting sun and even with the awning out, it did not cover low enough. I need to adjust it. We moved to the table that came with the site instead and sat there. It was in the shade and comfortable enough and we answered the campers welcoming us to our new location as they passed by. 

With all the going backwards and forwards and walking around setting things up, I had covered 2.6 miles for the day. We retired for the evening back inside Mr. George, our first day in or new site. 

Written 04/17/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com