The permanent little house with Mr. George parked next to it.

We woke early at our new site although we do not have anything of importance planned for the day. We are oriented differently to the early morning sun, and I was able to raise the front shade to watch the park through Mr. George’s exceptionally large front windows. We get the afternoon sun now which is when I lower all the blinds on the front and on the sun side. After a short walk around, we had breakfast before settling down in front ot the computer only to discover that I do not get a very good signal at this site and needed to get out the ATT booster. I did not have any problems watching TV last evening so maybe it is a daytime thing. 

I watched as both Daniel and Melinda who each have a four-wheeler to get about the park, brought them over onto the grass outside of the washroom and hosed them clean. The for-wheelers that is, not Daniel and Melinda. I will bet the grass was grateful as we have not had any rain in a long time to talk of. I had one of the neighbors’ kids knock on my door and said that for $5.00 a week, would empty my trash for me. I complimented him on his industriousness but pointed out that the trash bin was only a hundred feet away and for him to come up with something else. He looked a little crestfallen as he rode away and maybe, I can get him to blow the leaves off the site using my blower, of course. I see him riding his bike a lot which really makes me wonder how much home schooling he is getting, if any. 

I thought I would take a trip in to HEB and buy some groceries as I needed a few things but not being religious, had forgotten that today was Easter Sunday, and the store was closed. Still, Starbucks, which has its own followers although maybe not of the religious kind, was open and I bought a small latte and drove back to Mr. George. The dogs looked at me befuddled by my short trip but as soon as I said the magic word, “walkies” were all excited and ready to go. We walked around the park doing our usual thing of trying to avoid other dogs and managed to walk a mile for the day. 

I finished the day in the usual way with food for the dogs and myself. Watching the EPL on the TV was made even better by both teams that I support winning their respective games against top opposition. 

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Henly RV Park Day 18 Monday


What a beautiful time of year with the trees so green.

The walk around was uneventful. We stopped to talk to Daniel who worked hard to get Mikey to say hello to him which Mikey did, sort of. Daniel promised to bring me his step ladder so that I can adjust the awning to make it lower and I told him there was no hurry.  

Following breakfast, I sat and wrote for a while and compiled a list of things that I need to do not in any particular order, go to HEB grocery shopping, get a haircut, work on clearing the toilet using the water wand and hose, move the bird feeder or maybe leave the shepherds crook where it is and leave the hummingbirds feeders on it and move the regular seed feeders to the other side of the RV more in the sun and finally, lower the awning, if Daniel brings me his stepladder. Except for grocery shopping, nothing is really pressing although I really do need to get after the remaining items. I can procrastinate for just so long…. 
I decided that as I was going grocery shopping anyway, I really needed a haircut and called Great Clips who said they were not busy and to come on in as I did not need an appointment. I made sure I had my grocery list with me as my memory is so bad, if I don’t have a list, I come home without buying all the things that I need. I can remember the everyday things, but it is the little extras like Hummingbird feed and stuff like that. 

Thirty minutes later, I was sitting in the hairdresser’s chair getting another great haircut. This is the third here and I have not had a bad one yet. It helps that it is straightforward short back and sides with nothing off the top as there is nothing there to cut. I thanked the hairdresser profusely and tipped her well to show my gratitude and walked next door to the ATT store. I had to wait for some considerable time before it was my turn as many of the staff were on break or doing other things but eventually, a gentleman by the name of Chris spent some time with me researching a different system to boost my internet when the service was poor. I have a Netgear system and for those of you that have followed my blog may remember how I complained bitterly in the past of the additional cost for buying extra gigs of service We eventually arranged that I would come back in on Thursday, the next day he was working. and bring in the unit for him to set it up differently. I have not needed the Netgear unit much lately as the internet here at this park has been very good but moving to this site has changed that somewhat and I think I will need to use it much more frequently. Not all campsites are equal when it comes to internet, so I need the booster to work for me. 

My next stop was in HEB right across the street where I wandered around buying the things I needed and a couple more that I could probably have done without before eventually walking back to the car. As I was very close to Starbucks, quite naturally, I had to stop for the latte and while I was at it, a piece of Banana, Walnut and Pecan Loaf, the last something I did not really need but fancied. Somehow, the person on the other end of the conversation could not understand me so I settled for just the latte. When I arrived at the window, she was very apologetic claiming there was so much noise at her end that she did not hear me and along with the latte, gave me the piece of walnut loaf for free which she did not have to do. It was very nice of her, and I thanked her profusely. That was the best piece of walnut loaf that I have eaten probably because it was free. 

The drive home was quick and uneventful, and I was met at the door by my two little travelling companions who, as usual, helped to put the groceries away, sort of. I think they know the routine well enough to realize that they will get to go out walking once that part is done which is why they are so helpful. We walked around the park and along the bottom road and I covered 2.2 miles for the day. 

The evening was spent in the usual way with food all around and then watching a EPL game. 

Written 04/19/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com