Spring is here.

The overnight rain had stopped when we rolled out of the sack although it was mainly a fine drizzle and did not really amount to much. I showered and shaved and then we went out for the first walk of the day. We circled the park, and I kept a close eye on Mikey as he had an “accident” in the night, and I was worried about him having stomach problems. He appeared the same as usual and did not act any differently on the walk. He does not eat a lot anyway so hopefully it was a one-off event. I worry a lot about my dogs and always in the back of my mind is the inherent fear of losing one or the other. I have had more than thirty dogs over my lifetime, loving all of them like the others before and grieving them when they leave to cross that Rainbow Bridge. I hate it when they pass on as each time, a little piece of me dies with them. I should get a heck of a welcome when we do meet again. 

Back in Mr. George, after breakfast and coffee, I sat and first went through the emails trashing as many as possible and answering one or two before turning my attention to writing. I have nothing planned for today except to maybe move the bird feeders and the jury is still out on that one. 

It turned out to be a really lazy day as I did not do anything other than write and take the dogs walking. I sat around a lot and listened to an Audiobook with a new story that I have not decided if I like. Jury still out on that one. The dog walk was also short around the park, and we did not even cover a mile for the day. We sat outside for a while, and it was pleasant with a slight breeze blowing to keep us cool before adjourning back inside for the rest of the evening. 

Written 04/20/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 21, Thursday


All alone.

Another day in dreamland as we got up early just for a change. Well, I got up and showered and shaved while the dogs, both of whom have learned the routine by now, lounged around in bed until I came out of the bathroom and closed the door. Then, suddenly, they were wide awake and ready to go. We took a short walk of around a half mile before returning for breakfast. Doggy meat loaf for them and toast and coffee for me. 

This was followed by the usual run through of emails most of which were trashed and then the mouse quit working. I tried a few things to no avail before deciding that it warranted a trip into Dripping Springs in the hope that one of the stores would have one. I checked online and it said that Walgreens carried them but were out of stock. I decided to take a chance and drove in anyway and got lucky as they did indeed have a couple on the shelf. Grabbing one, I checked out and then made my way to ATT so that Chris could set up the booster to be a part of my regular service and not an extra. This took a while, like 45 minutes but I finally walked out of there no longer reliant on the having to pay for extra gigs of service. Deciding that it was a good morning so far, I stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a latte for the drive home.  

Back at Mr. George, we went out for a short walk before I settled down in front of the computer and installed the new mouse and it would not work. I could not believe that something as simple as a mouse would not function properly until I remembered that it also needed a plug-in unit into the computer to complete the process. I searched everywhere except the right place and could not find it and packing everything up, drove back to Walgreens where I had purchased it an hour before and explained the situation. The clerk sent me back to pick one out which I did before returning to the register only to discover that he had fiddled around and discovered the plug-in attached to the mouse. Feeling like a complete idiot, I thanked him profusely and after buying a battery that I had forgotten the first time, left the store and retuned back to Henly. 

This time, the new mouse worked as it should, and we were back in business. I wanted to do some outside work so put the computer to one side and getting out my battery-operated Ryobi blower, worked on clearing all the cattails that had accumulated these past couple of weeks and there were a lot of them. They get into everything including the Jeep because I had the windows cracked to let out the hot air. I worked for a while and at the same time blew the things off my neighbor’s site. Daniel stopped by and we talked for a bit, and I told him that I had decided to stay one more month through the end of May. He immediately called Melinda, who happened to be out of town, and she confirmed the reservation. With that finished, I decided to move the bird feeders on their shepherd’s crook to the other side of Mr. George in the hope of attracting more birds.  

We went out for the afternoon walk and covered the road at the bottom of the campground before returning to sit outside. My neighbor pulled up having been gone for a bit and I chatted to her about the bird feeder, and she told me that she has a lot of birds that visit her feeders, and she would send some of them my way. She went inside her RV, and I sat outside and just enjoyed the luxury of having to do nothing. 

Back inside, I wrote the blog and then fed the dogs before concentrating on myself and the evening ended in the usual way of watching the EPL on the television. I have also been watching “The Stand” which was originally written by Stephen King, one of my favorite authors. I read the book a long time ago and then watched the first movie that came out which was of the usual 2 hr. length and was very good. Then I discovered this version which is an adaptation of the original story and has been turned into eight, hour long installments. I watched the last episode last evening growing both awed and outraged at the same time. Seems like I run out of episodes for all the shows I have been watching lately. It would help if I restricted them to one an evening, but you know how that goes… 

Written 04/21/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com