Something has their attention

We walked the park and then came back to breakfast just like any other day. This was followed in the usual fashion of emails and then blog writing. I have a pleasant view in front of me of some of the park through Mr. George’s giant front windows which keeps me amused. Today, there was a lot more activity with Daniel mowing everything in sight. He is very skilled on that mower, and it can turn on the proverbial dime which allows it to get into some pretty tight places. Just as well because otherwise, he must mow those difficult to get at places with his Weedeater. Mowing is a lot more fun and a lot less work. It must have been catching as my next-door neighbor was also outside with a rake cleaning out the cattails from his yard. My yard is in surprisingly decent shape having cleaned it a couple of days earlier. There are a few cattails come down with the last rain but not enough to worry about. As I watched several different campers were making their way to the laundry room or to the dumpsters carrying their laundry and/or trash with them. Others, whose laundry was complete, were walking back to their RVs with the load. Occasionally, a car or truck would drive around the park. Overall, a very peaceful sight. 

With not very much planned for the day, it became a question of what to get up to occupy my time. I tried writing a poem, but the creative juices were just not flowing, and I gave up on that. Sometimes, it would be nice to be like a dog and just curl up somewhere and go to sleep. It seems that dogs and other animals can just sleep, anywhere, anytime and in anyplace. Then again, their senses are much finer honed than humans and can wake up in a flash, and they do not suffer from a guilty conscience for stealing a nap during the day. By the way, I have a rule that unless it is a very special game like a Cup Final or something similar, I never watch TV through the day although, sometimes, I will sit and listen to an Audiobook story.
This got me wondering just what other campers do with their time to stay amused, those that are not working, that is. I know that several work from their RV via the internet at whatever it is they do but there are many others like myself who are retired and comfortably enough off to not have to work anymore. I don’t know if it is better with or without a wife or significant other under these circumstances unless you are both so compatible that there are no disagreements. On the one hand, there is the constant companionship of having either of those but they both must be so compatible as to not be bored with each other’s company. After all, living in an RV is so different than living in a house and the only places to go other than outside is in the bathroom or bedroom and even then, only the bathroom doors will lock. Human Nature what it is, being together 24 –7 is next to impossible without alone time. 

Me, I only have dogs having spent the last thirty-five years alone and we all get along simply fine. They sleep most of the time anyway unless I make a move that looks like I am getting up even if it is to go to the bathroom, then I have company. When I explain that I have to go into town, you can almost see the look of disappointment on their face as they know they are not included. When I get their leashes, it is a whole different story, and they start jumping around and making funny noises as they know they are going walkies. 

This line of thought brought me to another subject and that is, do people lose their individuality by having to constantly be aware of the other person. Always have to watch what you say and do, surely must change a person. That is probably the reason that my three marriages did not last as I was just not very good at that. A lot of the campers are older people and still together so they must have figured it out. 

I decided that I had done enough philosophizing for at least a month, maybe a lot longer and we went out for the final walk of the day where the fresh air and companionship of my two little friends quickly put all of those dark thoughts out of my mind. 

We sat outside for quite a while watching the world go by or at least my world as I know it before venturing back indoors for the evening’s meal and entertainment. 

Written 04/28/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 29 Friday


I had a bit of a restless night due mainly to the fact that Mikey likes to lay so close to me probably for the warmth, so close that I was almost pushed out of the bed. We have a Queen-sized bed and I get just about enough to lay down without falling out. The two dogs claim the rest as small as they are. 

We went for out walk around the park as we usually do and with it being a Friday, this is when a lot of new campers come in, but it was too early for them to show. They won’t arrive to later this afternoon. We had breakfast as we usually do and followed it with reading emails, checking Facebook, and then writing, just as we do every day. 

I started thinking about the problems that I have with the toilet and that it is not holding water in the bowl. So far, that has not been a problem probably because the black tank is not smelling helped by the additive that I put in it but just as soon as that wears off, it will start to smell with no water seal to stop it permeating throughout the RV. I had previously contacted Michael who had done work on the Eagle before and was in the middle of a text conversation on working on the repair when somehow, I inadvertently switched to another repair man. Bottom line is that I now have two contractors willing to do the work. 

We went for another walk and was sitting outside when my young neighbor friend stopped by, and we held a lengthy conversation. He seems like a very nice kid. Daniel has him working with him all day mopping the bathrooms and such. I think they have a deal worked out whereby he works on the honor system and Daniel is accumulating funds for him to buy something or another that he has his heart set on. The little kids from next door discovered Sandy was out and about with me and rushed over to make a fuss. They tried to do the same with Mikey, but I am afraid, he is a one-person dog, me, and I had to keep warning them not to touch him but wait for him to come to them, which of course, he never does. 

We took yet another walk before going back inside for the evening. The walks were so short that we only covered a mile or so for the day. 

Written 04/29/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com