I got up early as BJ and I had planned to go walking this morning at McKinney Falls in Austin, a 40-mile trip. It was very cloudy but there was no rain in the forecast, and we went out for the morning walk. Somehow though, I just did not want to take that hike. I do not know why but today; I was just not into walking. I texted BJ and explained the situation and we agreed to meet for coffee at Stonehause Coffee instead. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours just chatting casually watching the clientele come and go and commenting on those that warranted it. We were sitting outside, and it was pretty noisy with the traffic buzzing along the frontage road. I happened to glance up at the road and there was what appeared to be a large dog laying there. I had not seen it before, and we had been there for 30 minutes or more. I pointed it out to BJ and like me, she was sad that it had happened as she too, thought it was a dog. We continued chatting and a few minutes later, the “dog” had turned into a large piece of cardboard flapping in the wind much to our relief. The eyes can play tricks it appears. 

We finally took our leave as she headed back to Bastrop and a tree specialist due to trim one of her trees. I sat for a while thinking of our visit which had been very pleasant. I started thinking that if we were a lot younger, some people might think there is something more in this odd friendship, but nothing could be further from the truth. She is a happily married woman while I am a very contented Batchelor. We have a mutual respect for each and have hit it off as exceptionally good friends. She is just that, my friend and I know; I am hers. 

With enough of the deep thoughts of human nature, I headed back to Henly. I had thought about stopping at Walmart’s but had nothing I really needed so did not detour. The guys went berserk, or at least Mikey did with a tail wagging so hard, he almost fell over. Sandy, not so much but she shows affection in a different way and is not as exuberant. I harnessed them up and we wandered around for a bit not in any hurry to get anywhere and for them, glad to be out. We met a couple of campers and Uzi who made a fuss of Sandy and tries really hard just as Daniel does, to get a response out of Mikey but to date to no avail, as he just hides behind me as per usual. 

Back in Mr. George, I sat and wrote for a couple of hours, enjoying the A/C as it had warmed up considerably outside to 85 degrees. I grabbed my sun glass case when we went out this morning, but it was empty, and I have no idea where my new clip-on shades may be. I have wracked my brain for all the good it does me trying to remember the last time I wore them, but I know it was at least a couple of days ago. Hopefully, they will turn up, but I am not holding my breath. Another $200.00 down the drain… 

We went out for one more walk just so the dogs could stretch their legs and do their thing. Me, I was still tired from watching the mechanic work yesterday, so a short walk was just fine by me. 

Written 05/04/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com 

Henly RV Park Day 5 Thursday

Some of the campers


I was watching the TV last evening and around 11:30 pm, a very loud thunderstorm came through accompanied by some rain. One thunderclap was so loud and so close, that Mr. George shuddered for a few seconds. I decided that there was not much point in going to bed so I sat and watched the TV until if finally passed. By then, it was 2:00 am but even with the late night/early morning, I still got up around 9:00 am, tired but awake. 

We went out for out morning’s walk, running into a few of my neighbors and exchanging pleasantries with them before returning to the RV. One lady told me that in one RV, that she pointed out to me, there is a lady who grooms dogs and I need to contact her to see if she will groom Sandy who is an absolute mess, again… Back in Mr. George, I fed the dogs and as usual, Sandy only ate the treats that are put on top of the meat part of her meal and then went and ate hard food, which is always available. Mikey, on the other hand, gobbled all his down and after I made a big fuss of him for being such a good boy, proceeded to find Sandy’s bowl and finish her food as well. At least, nothing gets wasted and it is not like he will put on weight as opposed to Sandy where it is a problem. Different builds and metabolisms. 

I have no plans for today and it is kind of grey out there with the threat of rain. I sat and worked on the blog and a few pictures for a couple of hours and watched the world go by but there was not a great deal of anything going on around me, just a few people walking by either with their dogs or heading to the washroom or the laundry room. My next-door neighbors jumped in their car and took off with their dogs and a few other cars were coming and going. Daniel drove by a few times and had young Uzi with him as his helper which is good for the kid to have some company and to learn things while helping. He has a pretty lonesome life with few permanent kids in the park and the travelling ones do not stay long enough for him to get to know them. 

I found a few things around Mr. George that needed my attention and spent time working on them. But it really was a quiet day and I lazed around some of the time doing absolutely nothing. Of course, not alone as the minute I sit down in the lounger, one or the other and sometimes both dogs are in my lap demanding attention. We went out for the evening walk a little concerned as the storm clouds were rolling in. I stopped to chat with my neighbor who was sitting outside and had an interesting conversation with her. She told me she lost her husband last year and is in the process of building a house which, as with my other neighbor, is taking much longer than it should be due to the shortage of labor on the supply end. She anticipates that it will be October before it is finished. As we were talking, the dark clouds rolled in, and it came on to rain. She dashed inside while I made a beeline for Mr. George. The three of us were soaked by the time we got there, and it was only 50 yards away. I toweled down the dogs and dried myself as we settled in for the evening. The storm passed through quickly, but we were through with the outside for the day. 

Written 05/04/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com