The “business” side of Mr. George

Late mornings are getting to be the norm as is watching TV to the early morning hours. I need to change these habits somewhat and go to bed earlier and then maybe, I will wake up earlier. It is not like I run out of daylight hours for what I get up to during the day. Long gone are the days when there was not enough time to finish what I had started. Now, I just do not start anything anymore

We went out walking around the park and watched as three separate RVs pulled out. One had been parked by the dumpster in one of the temporary locations overnight for reasons unknown to me. Maybe it pulled in late and wanted an overnight place to stay with no hookups. The park is only about half full mostly with the regular long termers. As it was late when we got out, it was already hot, and the sun was bright. We only did a short walk around the park before returning for breakfast. 

Following breakfast and a quick cleanup of Mr. George, I settled down to write and the dogs found their respective places and they too, settled down only in their case, to sleep. I finished writing yesterday’s blog and added pictures before posting it on the website. I am completely up to date with writing and posting which is good just in case something comes up. Like I said many times before, my short-term memory is fading rapidly, and I need to stay on top of things. 

I started thinking about our next move. After all, Mr. George is an RV and I bought him so we could move around easier and for the additional space that he gives us. I got online to do some research as I had a vague idea of where I want to head but with no definite objectives in mind. Well, that is not entirely true as my first trip will be to Bastrop for a few days before heading out of the area. The trip planner that I use is RV Trip Wizard. There are others out there, but I like this one as it steers me clear of toll roads, low bridges and overpasses and warns me of other road hazards like construction and such. I was able to book a reservation at an LCRA park in Bastrop at the South Shore Park starting June 1 for 6 days. I have a tentative route picked out heading towards Fort Worth where I want to look in on MHSRV Company which is the largest motor home company in the Southwest and located in Fort Worth. I am not really looking to trade, and they do have a large RV store where I am sure to find some goodies. Just curious, I guess. I hope so as it is getting expensive, all this RV swapping, which always costs me money even with my trade ins. I have about got Mr. George to how I want him with my new desk and such and the bathroom repairs, but I could use more interior storage space…I spent a few hours on a tentative route, with the next stop in Waco and another State Park close by. It takes quite a bit of research in locating a park that I think I would like. I always read the reviews and they must be good for me to have any interest in that location. I also like trails, water, and trees if possible and am not into fancy campgrounds with all kinds of entertainment and facilities. Leave that for the younger generation. I just need a place with full hook-ups to rest, eat and walk the dogs and take a few pictures for the blog.  
Satisfied that I have a start to the trip, and with the first location already booked and as by now, it was almost 7:00 pm, I harnessed up the dogs and we went out for a short walk around the park. It was a Sunday evening and was quiet, but we did meet a few other campers and their pets. When we got back, I decided that as a last resort, I should go through the garbage, quite literally, just to make sure the dark clip ons had not blown into the garbage container that I have outside for the filled trash bags prior to taking them to the dumpster. It was a long shot and, did not result in finding them. My only other hope is that they are under Mr. George having blown off the outside table. They are so light that if the wind did get a hold of them, they could be in the next county by now. That is the second set of clip ons I have lost so far at $200.00 a shot. 
With the trash sorted and the dogs still harnessed up, we headed for the dumpster to discard it and then walked back to sit outside until it was dark. It was very pleasant just sitting and listening to the night as it came on. We finally adjourned inside for the rest of the evening with the usual food all around followed by watching the TV until the early hours of the morning. 

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Henly RV Park Day 9 Monday


This little guy was scurrying as fast as he could to find cover. I wonder what he will grow into?

With another late night/early morning, it was no surprise that we woke up late which again, really did not matter as we have no plans for the day. We wandered around the park for a bit so the dogs could do their thing and passed Uzi’s RV with him banging on the door to be let in. Guess he must have done something bad, and his mom locked him out. I heard them both shouting as I passed by but, it was none of my business, so we moved on. Interesting the things we come across in our walks. The rest of the walk was uneventful, and we returned for breakfast. Well, I had breakfast as I did not feed the dogs as they are not bothering to eat the morning food and it sits around until I mix it into the evening meal. Some of that is my fault as I have been savoring their evening food with a very small helping of the pork chops that I have for myself all finely cut up and sprinkled on top of their food. It appears I have spoilt them as they will not eat their food plain anymore. Maybe, if they get really hungry…. Incidentally, there is always hard food available. 

The park is really quiet and half empty with not much activity. I wrote the blog and brought it up to date and then spent some time looking at pictures of motor homes that MHSRV Company has on their website just for the hell of it. I decided that the only way I can get more room is to buy a longer RV with an extra slide, but I am not sure that the additional cost is worth it. There is nothing wrong with Mr. George. 
It is amazing where the time goes when I sit down to write and do research. I just looked at the clock and it is already 5:00pm and another day already gone with nothing to show for it. At least, that does not matter anymore as my life is no longer measured by productivity, thank goodness. Now it is measured in the amount of time I have left. The outside temperature has reached 97 degrees at 5:00 pm, another hot day but there is a strong breeze blowing that helps to keep it cool.  

We went out for the final walk around the park passing a few other campers. Nearly all of them exchange hellos but there are a couple of the younger people that choose to ignore us. Too wrapped up in their own thoughts probably or have their nose in their phone. Either that or just plain anti-social which seems to be prevalent among the younger middle-aged generation. I fear that as a country, socially we have changed and not for the better. I know that many RV’ers do this to get away but generally, they are sociable enough with other RV’ers. You never know when you may need a helping hand after all. 

We sat outside for a while before adjourning back inside Mr. George for the rest of the evening. 

Written 05/09/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com