I managed to crawl out around 9:00 am this morning which is early for us. We have nothing planned for the day other than the usual things which included the first walk of the day. We strolled around the park going this way and that depending on which way Sandy’s nose tells us all to go. She sure loves to scent things and off she goes taking us both along for the ride. Mikey is pretty adaptable, but she can surprise me sometimes especially if I am off balance which is not hard to do nowadays. The worst thing is if she goes one way and Mikey goes another and they tangle the double leash up around my legs. This walk was uneventful, and we returned to Mr. George for breakfast. 

Following food and coffee, I settled down in front of the computer to look at the emails which as usual, amount to very little. I have the number down by quite a bit but even so, still way too many. I turned my attention to the blog and caught up on a couple of things before opening RV Trip Planner to continue to work on the next trip. I have already had a few drawbacks as many of the campgrounds do not have openings for the dates that I want meaning I have to revise my plans and my route. I do not want to get too far ahead in case something happens or goes wrong along the way then I would have to make alternative plans. Planning takes some considerable time as I read the reviews for the campgrounds I am interested in and use them as a judge as to whether to add them to my route. I try to stay within 200 miles a day and preferably less. I have nothing planned in the form of any major parks or even a direction other than to make a big circle and probably end up here for the winter. I do know that my first stop will be in Bastrop for a few days so that I can spend time with my very good friend, BJ, check out the work she has done on her pond, and we can get in a couple of hikes. 

After a few hours of computer work, I needed a break, and we went out for another walk around the park. I think the construction work at the intersection of Henly Loop and IH 290 is complete, and it may be safe to walk the roads again, but I will find out tomorrow when I go into town. Meanwhile, rather than take a chance, we stuck to the park and the road at the bottom of the park which has very little traffic. Nothing eventful happened in the walk and we made our slow way back to Mr. George. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way of sitting outside before adjourning inside for the evening. 

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Henly RV Park Day 11 Wednesday


I had a couple of things planned for today and we got up around 9:00 am because of it. I must be careful as all of these “early” mornings are spoiling my routine. I hope it is the start of something better to get me out of bed sooner even if we do not have anything major planned. 

We followed the usual routine of walks and breakfast but today, instead of sitting down in front of the computer to waste my time looking at emails, I jumped in the car to head into town. Before I left, I sat for while with the engine running just in case the dogs started howling but I heard no beeps from them and drove off. The first stop was to Far West Blvd to PostNet as I had a piece of mail, a new Lense for my camera in fact, that had arrived. This is the second one as I pointed out in an earlier post as USPS does not deliver to Henly RV Park. I have no idea why. The drive was uneventful, and I made good time. I talked to the nice lady that served me asking about deliveries when I leave Henly, and she told me they forward mail on to other addresses which is a good thing. None of the “mail” was important except for the two packages I received one of which was the new camera Lense. 

I drove down to Walmart’s which was on my way home and wandered around spending time in the RV section putting things like drain cleaners and stabilizing blocks in my basket before heading over to the pet section for a couple of things to spoil the dogs. From there, it was the grocery section. I had a list, most of which comprised the usual stuff among which were pork chops, cans of veggies and the small fruit pies they sell. I bought eight of those, one a night which will see me over for a bit. What I like about them, apart from the fact they are only .50 cents each, is they do not need to be refrigerated which is a good thing as regular full size apple pies and such, take up a lot of space which I do not have. Another drawback with an RV, unless you are lucky enough to get a full-size fridge as I had in the Eagle. Everything is governed by size and space. But then again, the Eagle was 33ft long every bit of which was living space compared to Mr. George at 29ft of which 5ft is the drivers open cab area. You can sit in either the driver or the passenger seat and drink coffee and look out the window and there is even a small desk area on the passenger side which I used for a while, plus a small table in between the seats, so it is not wasted space. Some RVs have drivers and passengers’ seats that swivel so you can turn them inward towards the coach. Useful if you have a family or visitors. 

From there, as I headed back home, I realized that I had forgotten to buy laundry detergent having run out at the last wash. It was not on my list as I usually keep that stuff in the car. I had been heading to a Starbucks conveniently located on one of the back ways home which happened to be next to an HEB. This worked out perfectly as I stopped and purchased the missing items. I even changed my drink at Starbucks for the first time in a thousand years and bought a regular black coffee, not wanting the milky taste of my usual latte. 

Back at Mr. George I thought about it and decided I should throw in a load of laundry. Naturally, I could not get the App to work on both machines and ended up having to get quarters out of the change machine. Even then, I had a problem and another gentleman who was also doing his laundry and with whom I had an interesting conversation, called Melinda, the Park Super, who hustled over. She fiddled around and got it started and even gave me back $2.00 as I had put in $4.00 trying to get it to start. I headed back to take the dogs walking while the wash was doing its thing and we walked for about 45 minutes and then headed back as, by then, I knew the clothes needed to be put in the drier which I did and another 40 minutes later, headed back over to fold everything. By then, I was the only one in the laundry room and none of the machines were in use which is very unusual. Maybe, the secret is to go late in the day as I had the place to myself. With the laundry out of the way for another two weeks, I made my way back to the RV for the rest of the evening catching up on the blog and then the evening meal. So ended another “busy” day. 

Written 05/11/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com