I went to bed early this morning getting all wrapped up in episodes of Longmire. It is a good show and appeals to my taste with enough drama to keep it interesting. The lateness in going to bed was aggravated by the fact that I could not drop off to sleep even though I was tired. I suppose that I eventually did as the next thing, it was morning. We went walking after I had showered and shaved which is our usual norm and ran into Melinda who inquired about my plans going forward. I said that I was planning a trip starting June 1 and she said that she already has someone who wants my site for 3 months. I promised to stay connected as I travelled so that she would know when I was returning for the Fall and Winter, assuming that is what I will do. Who knows, I might find another paradise with trails that would suit me better. Incidentally, the construction at the intersection of Henly Loop and HWY US 290 is complete, and the road is open again. This means, we can use the road for our walks as most of the traffic goes into the estates located at the far end from us. 

Following breakfast which consisted of a scrambled egg on toast and coffee. The scrambled egg was an experiment and worked fine and it only takes 30 seconds to cook an egg in the microwave. You can only go less than 10 seconds at a time before having to stir to do the scrambling part. Tasted good though. I fed the dogs and Mikey ate his food. Sandy just turns her nose up and goes and lays down on the bed. Her loss. The food does not get wasted as Mikey will usually clean up both bowls.  
I tidied up a bit before settling down in front of the computer spending time reading and trashing emails. I subscribe to several different emails from RV Campers who have daily journals. Some of their stuff is useful and informative but like everything else, some is of no interest to me whatsoever and gets added to the trash pile. The interesting ones I keep for referral in the future in case I ever I have a situation that it addresses.  

Yesterday, on my trip to Austin and as is my usual habit, I checked the gas prices at the stations I passed along the way. I know which ones are generally the cheapest which is where I stop when I need to. I was shocked to see that in most cases, the prices had risen dramatically and the cheapest I found was $4.20 cents a gallon, a jump of almost 40 cents and more in some stations, from last week. It cost me $75.00 to fill the Jeep with its 20-gallon tank. Hate to see what Mr. George will cost with his 80-gallon one and he only gets 8 mpg. 

I did some tidy up work re-arranging some of the cupboards and closets. I did not make any more space but at least, it is not such a jumbled mess as it was. Maybe, I can find things now, yeah right…although I do have things in designated drawers and closets, so it must be an improvement. The Texas summer has arrived in full force as it is staying in the mid 90’s. We went out for the evening walk around 6:30 pm or so and it was still 94 degrees. Sandy does not do too well when it is hot mainly because she has not learned to pace herself and goes along at breakneck speed until she tires. Then she flops on the ground in some shady spot that she finds and then just lays there for 5 minutes with her tongue out to cool down. Mikey does not have that problem a he walks slow like me, well as slow as Sandy will let us. We managed to cover 1.3 miles a part of which was on one of the outside roads which is now much more traffic free now that the road construction has finished. 

We finished the evening in the usual way with me telling myself that I will not watch Longmire until the early hours of the morning. We will see. 

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Henly RV Park Day 13 Friday

The “new” RV


Friday the 13th. Isn’t it the name of a movie or something? I know to some; it is supposed to be unlucky if you are superstitious and all that. The way I figure, if I am going to get hit by a bus or get struck by lightning, it could happen any day and date so what is the point.  

We got up at a reasonable hour for us and went out walking around the park before returning for breakfast. I had trouble dropping off to sleep last evening because I had been looking at different, larger RV’s and it was playing on my mind. I decided to take a drive to Crestview in Buda where I bought my first two to look at a couple that they had for sale to see what improvements they would be over Mr. George. Since I have only had him a couple of months, I was concerned with all my chopping and changing. Seems like it is my latest hobby except that it an expensive one as each trade costs me money. I loaded the dogs with treats as a bribe for them not going with me and snuck guiltily out of the door. Guilty for leaving them and at myself for my inability to find an RV that fits me. 

I use my car map finder to get to Buda from Henly and for 9/10’s of the way, it does a respectable job going the back way which cuts off several miles and a lot of traffic. But then, it sends me through a neighborhood when I almost reach my destination. So frustrating. When I got their finally, I remembered the salesman’s name that sold me the Eagle and he hustled forward to spend time with me. Instead of as what we usually did in the past, we did not jump into his runabout golf cart but walked to where the Motor Homes were parked.  

My first impression when he showed me the Jayco was that it had a beautiful paint and decal job with lots of outside storage which is absolutely necessary. When we went inside, it was obviously so much bigger than Mr. George with a lot more room to sit and a more closet and storage space. Of course, it is also 6 feet longer which gives it that additional room. To my way of thinking, something I should have bought the first, second and third time. But hopefully this time, I have made the right choice. 

We went from the Jayco to look at a 2018 Winnebago Vista and although, a year younger, it did not have the appeal that the Jayco had. It was not as big either which kind of defeated the purpose. Eventually and if I am still able, I will stop driving and park in some campground or another and having that extra space is important. So, even though the Jayco cost a bit more, I opted for it over the Winnebago. It was not a hard decision as the Jayco almost sold itself. 

We drove back to the office, and I spent the next 30 minutes signing my life and my money away, again… but extremely glad to do so. When I was thinking about it last evening and one reason it kept me awake, was spending the money. The again, I cannot take it with me when I die and although what is left will go to my kids, I refuse to feel guilty for spending it on myself. I earned it…We arranged that it would be next week before we would make the swap after the repair man finishes changing out the slide out cables.
I drove back to Austin stopping at my bank along the way to get the cashier’s check for the difference in the amount I must pay for the new RV before heading back to Henly. I also stopped at Firestone on the way as I need to get the Jeep inspected but they took forever to even serve me, so I left. Still does not solve the problem of the inspection. Maybe I can find a place in Dripping Springs. Always something… 

Back at Mr. George, I was greeted by two extremely excited little dogs who could not wait to get out and go walkies which we did around the park. We ran into Uzi who made a fuss of Sandy and we chatted for a while before returning to Mr. George for the evening. Interesting kid listening to him talk about his “customers.” When I asked him what he did for them, he replied, “Taking out their trash and stuff like that.” This from a 10-year-old kid. He will go far… 

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