Some of the totes that need to be uploaded to the new RV. I will stack them outside temporarily.


I woke up around 9:00 am, quite a respectable hour after the late-night planning activities and we went for a walk. There must be another RV pulled in that has older kids as several of them including Uzi were out the field with a baseball bat and ball and having a make belief game. With only four of them, they were a little short on players, but they were having a fun time. We watched them for a while before Sandy reminded us that we should be walking. The walk was uneventful, and we returned to Mr. George for breakfast. 

I had trouble dropping off to sleep again last night even though I went to bed around midnight determined to stop watching TV through the early hours of the morning. This time, the new, to me, RV was on my mind, and I was busy running through what I need to do to trade out vehicles. The last couple of times even with BJ’s help had been a lot of demanding work resulting in taking several hours in doing the transfer job. It required picking up something, walking down the steps and across to the other RV, back up the steps and repeat. Both times, I have driven back to Henly in the dark and had to set up also in the dark. Not fun at all, especially with a new, to me, rig that I was not used to driving or knew where the switches were. I think what I am going to do as we get closer to the swap date is to unload all the storage areas outside of Mr. George and stack them alongside the pad just as I did before. This time though, I am going to box up all the stuff inside the rig and either leave the boxes out under the covers or take them with me to load out when we make the exchange. Then, the only thing that will need to be individually transferred on the day will be the food in the refrigerator and any boxes that I left in the RV. Plans, plans, plans. No wonder I could not go to sleep. 

There are two waste tanks on most RVs, the grey tank which is water from the sink and shower and the black tank into which the toilet drains. There is a panel system inside of the RV which is supposed to indicate the level in each tank, but you cannot rely on the installed tank sensors as they do not work most of the time. Sometimes, they show full all the time even after the tanks are emptied. One way to tell if the grey tank in the RV needs emptying is if the water does not drain from the shower and puddles in the bottom as it did this morning. This usually results in a shorter shower to get out as quickly as possible before an overflow occurs. The grey tank is always the one that fills first as every rinse of the dishes, and such adds to the amount of water in the tank. Funny, in a house, a person does not think twice about letting waterflow down the drain but in an RV, it can have consequences. It’s easy to empty as in most cases, the RV is already hooked up to the drain by a flexible hose and I have only to open the valve to empty either tank, black tank first for obvious reasons. That only applies to most RV camping in an RV Park. Totally different story when Boone docking or dry camping. I am not into that as I like the few comforts of home which my RV is to me and available in most RV parks. 

I sat and wrote for a while and thought about the new RV and the repairs still needed to Mr. George. Time is running out regarding getting them completed before making the swap. I am not sure that I can even bring in the slide to travel anyway, without the repairs being completed. I had a conversation with the repair mechanic, James, and he told me he is having difficulty in locating the parts.  

I thought about my nighttime planning and remembered that I had decided to pre-pack up Mr. George as much as is possible and either stack it here at the campsite like I did before or stack it inside of the RV to transfer when we get to Buda. This will save a considerable amount of time and effort as I will probably be by myself this time. Not definite but I need to plan that way. With the planning thoughts in mind, I jumped into the Jeep and drove into Dripping Springs to the Home Depot there and purchased some cardboard boxes and three more of the 6-inch plastic totes. These are full sized but only six inches tall so I can fill them and still be able to lift them up. With the larger ones, in most cases and depending on what I am putting in them, if I fill them up, I cannot move them so it kind of defeats the purpose. When I walked in, there was not a single cart to be found, most unusual but I got lucky as one of the staff who happened to be standing talking to another staff member close by to where I was purchasing the crates, asked if I needed help and I pointed to his cart which he promptly passed over to me. 

I even got lucky at the register as I allowed another gentleman to move in front of me only for that register to be closed. I was right next door to another one at the service desk who promptly checked me out. I stopped at Starbucks and settled for an iced Latte for the drive home where I was greeted by my two little friends. I say hello but refrain from making a fuss as Mikey gets overly excited and pees everywhere as dogs sometimes do. We harnessed up and walked around the park taking the trash bin with us to stop at the dumpster. After returning the trash bin to Mr. George, we stopped by the laundry room as I knew that one of the crates that I had left a couple of weeks before was still there because it was slightly damaged. I can repair it with bonding tape and bring it back to Mr. George and with the chores out of the way, we continued our walk. 

I stopped to talk to one of the campers who was sitting outside of her large Class A and jokingly asked her if she drove the large Class A vehicle by herself. She laughed and said she does take turns, but her husband does most of the driving. They are from Minesota and are on a 6-week trip to visit family here in town. 

Back at Mr. George, I refilled the bird feeders as the birds have been visiting but it was too hot to sit outside. Whie I was taking care of the feeders, the dogs who are tied up when they are outside with me and who are usually very interested in what I am doing, had taken shelter under the RV where it was a little cooler, so we all went back inside to the A/C. Texas summer is here. 

The evening was spent in the usual way with food for the dogs and for me followed by TV and a glass of wine. The Premier League Season is winding down and I wonder what we will watch in the Summer. 

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Henly RV Park May 15, 2022, Day 15 Sunday. 

Henly RV Park Day 15 Sunday

Looks like work…


Last evening, I had no mental planning on my mind having done it all the night before and quickly dropped off to sleep and even got up at 9:00 am. We went for a walk and met a few people doing the same thing before returning to Mr. George. Following breakfast, I sat and read the emails but as it is Sunday, there were very few and none of importance that required my attention. Which got me thinking into how many man/women hours are wasted by employees reading their personal mail throughout the week at their place of employment…

I sat and thought about the upcoming moves I need to make in preparation for trading RV’s and concluded that there is not a great deal I can do in the immediate future. So much depends on the slide repair and when that happens as the parts were back ordered. I cannot do much in the way of packing as I am reluctant to place the loaded boxes outside in case it rains, until a couple of days before making the switch. Then, I can stack everything outside and cover It up with tarps as I did with the last 
move. It looks like the earliest will be next Friday 20th when the mechanic comes to do the work. This means that I cannot exchange RVs sooner than Saturday 21st. It is hard to be that patient especially knowing there is a lot to do plus, just like a little kid with a new toy, I want to get my new to me, RV with the additional space and storage and fancy paint job. Deep sigh… 

It does not leave much time until the end of the month when I pull out, to get things somewhat shipshape inside the as yet unnamed, new RV. Of course, I will have the rest of my life to do that and if it is livable, and I can find the important things…I will miss the desk, but the table will do nicely although lacking the convenience of the desk drawer space. My eating arrangements are simple as I always use the small folding table while sitting on one of the recliners and usually watching TV so not having an available tabletop because the computer will be sitting on it is no big loss. I have had the same eating arrangements in all my RV’s. Nothing formal here and besides, I am eating alone. Incidentally, I cannot sit at the table in the new RV to watch TV as the screen is only 2ft away and on eye level. That is what the two recliners on the opposite side of the room are for. 

I sat around and felt like I was wasting valuable time with so much to do but because of the timing and the circumstances, unable to start any of it. And of course, very impatient about it all. Instant gratification and all that.  

With nothing more to do computer wise, I sat and listened to an Audiobook story for an hour hoping that this one would be more interesting than the last. So far, it is a good story unlike the last one that started out oh so well and ended up with the Author completely wrapped up in so much detail as to move away from the original story. 

Sandy kept nudging me and giving me “the look” as she figured that it was enough reading/listening for the day and time to go out walking. We harnessed up and walked around the park and the outside lane. I stopped to talk to one of my neighbors two RV’s away which was a very interesting conversation. She is a retired schoolteacher who lost her husband and now lives alone in the park. Our conversation turned to the park itself and we both agreed that it is a wonderful place to live. 

We finished our walk and headed back to Mr. George but did not sit outside as it was still too hot but headed back inside to relax and finish the blog. The dogs crashed in their respective places although we had not walked that far. The hot weather gets to them, I guess. While I was listening to the Audiobook, I had cooked up the package of pork tenderloins that I had bought for these evenings and beyond, meals. Both dog’s noses were working overtime at the great scents knowing that they will get their share chopped up finely to spread on their otherwise mundane dog food that they ignore during the day knowing it will be “doctored” for the evening meal. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food for me followed by a glass of wine and watching the TV until all hours of the night and sometimes the morning. 

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