The Zebra with his Donkey friends

Nothing special planned for today. Just the usual dog walks, breakfast and working on the blog. We went out for the first walk of the day, and it appears that my neighbor has left me a cover for my folding chair. Whether it is a hint to hide my chair or just that he had a spare cover to give away, I have no idea. He leaves his chairs out so he is probably just being nice. 

Following breakfast for me as the dogs do not seem to eat what I put in front of them in the mornings, I settled down to work on the blog which I am caught up on. With not much happening in terms of stacking the totes outside and having to play the waiting game before exchanging RV’s, I am really in a state of flux. So much to do and not able to start any of it. I would like to have an empty or at least, almost empty RV when I go to make the exchange to keep things simple and quick. No more getting back to the campsite in the dark. Once I have Quatro set up here in the park, I will have a little time to move the stuff in the crates back to where they belong although I do have a June 1 deadline when we move on. It will also give me an opportunity to see if anything more needs to go to Goodwill or given away as I still have stuff that I brought with me for old times’ sake which I will never use.

I had a knock on the door which by itself is unusual as we don’t get many visitors. When that happens, my first thought is, “What did I do wrong this time?” It was Daniel who came to check on me as he hadn’t seen me out and about in a while and was worried that something was wrong. I explained that I was in between a rock and a hard place waiting for James to come and finish the work on the slide and could not do very much until that happened. I also was waiting to get closer to the day before stacking the stuff outside, but the “day” was a bit of a moving target. Daniel said he would call James to get a date for the work to move him along a bit. I thanked him for his help, and we went back inside. If I am on my own on RV swap day, I can look forward to carrying boxes seven steps down from Mr. George, then crossing to Quatro and climbing seven steps up to get back into it. Multiply that by however number of boxes I need to move plus all the unboxed miscellaneous stuff that will just get carried over and you can see the extent of the task ahead. That is why I need to unload as much as possible prior to making the swap for at least, as it is in an outside pile here at the campground, I only have one set of steps to go up and down about a thousand times…I then have the rest of my life to straighten up the inside of Quatro. I hate all this waiting around when I need to be doing things…

We went out for the afternoon walk around the park before coming back for the usual evening meal and then I watched Liverpool win their latest game in their chase for the Premier League title. They are one point behind Manchester City with one game to go. The odds are in favor of City as they have a better goal differential even if both teams win their last game. It’s amazing that at the end of a thirty-eight game, 9-month long season, only one point separates them. Incidentally, with three different cups and Champions and other league games, both teams have played over sixty games each this season. 

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Henly RV Park Day 19 Thursday


Goodbye Mr. George

The day started in the usual fashion after crawling out from under the covers as we took our morning walk around the park. Daniel was driving around in his buggy and spotted us near the old Oak trees and rushed over to steer us away from a pile of rocks as he had seen, what he thought was a large rattlesnake, crawl into a hole there. We chatted for a bit, and he made a fuss of Sandy before we moved on around the park which is fairly empty with several open spaces. No doubt, it will be filled by the weekend although with the current price of gas, maybe not. My timing for moving on is also not very good but if I can get to see a few other parks and not travel too far, then it will not be too bad. Not good but not bad either. Not a lot of sense in having a big Class A RV if I do not use it to travel and see more of these United States. 

I sat and wrote for a while catching up on the most recent events before deciding that I should go to Austin to pick up my mail. I had received notification that I had a couple of deliveries which I knew would be the camera lens hood and a new clock I had ordered. I also needed to have the jeep inspected for me to renew the registration. I drove to Far West Blvd which for some reason, seemed to take forever and while I was at PostNet was able to purchase stamps and give them a letter that I had brought with me. After collecting the mail, the rest of which was unimportant except for a letter addressed to the person that bought my house last year. I headed back to Oak Hill to the Firestone located there and waited an hour for my Jeep to have that inspection. Of course, it never stops with one thing, and they found a couple of other items that needed to be taken care of. Luckily for me, there was a Premier League game going on between Everton and Crystal Palace the result of which enabled Everton to remain in the Premier League for the 65th year straight. At least I had something to watch as I waited. 
From the Firestone store, I drove to my old house to drop off a letter addressed to the new owners but using my box mailing address. This is the second time I have had to do this. I was pleased to see that at least half of the black paint has disappeared to be replaced with a soft white. A definite improvement. The drive back to Dripping Springs was uneventful, and I stopped at Home Depot to buy another tote and a couple more boxes which should be enough to finish the packing. Next stop was Starbucks for a small latte and then back to Henly to be met by my little friends. 

We immediately harnessed up and first made a trip to the dumpster with our outside garbage tote before continuing our walk. Altogether, I covered 1.3 miles for the day, enough to say I had some exercise. 

Written 05/19/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com