I woke up early and convinced myself there was no point in getting up as I really had nothing important to do. I rolled over and went back to sleep for another 30 minutes before crawling out. Our walk was uneventful, and the dogs did not seem that interested either, so we headed back to Mr. George for breakfast. I am doing a decent job of cleaning out the refrigerator by eating the contents and have started work on the freezer eating as much of the frozen stuff as I can. I can re-stock when we get Quatro set up. I am really working hard on not having very much to transfer when the time comes. 

I spent some time working on the blog keeping one eye on the weather forecast as it is supposed to rain. I started thinking and got to work on packing the boxes that I bought yesterday. I emptied all the shelves and closets in the bedroom and bathroom and put everything in plastic totes of the short variety that I can reuse. The only exception are the clothes on hangers that I will transfer to Quatro which I left hanging in the closet. Obviously, because I am living in Mr. George, I cannot just pack up everything that I need in the few days left and that will have to happen on moving day. I turned my attention to dragging the boxes and totes outside and stacked them on the mat before moving some of the cardboard boxes into the Jeep. By the time I finished, the Jeep was full and if I must go grocery shopping, what I buy, which incidentally will be basic, will have to sit on the passenger seat.  

With the jeep loaded, I turned my attention to what was left that I planned to put under the tarps. Just as I started, Uzi showed up and asked if I needed help. I could have managed alone but what the heck, the kid was willing, and we went to work. He turned out to be a good little helper and we made good time in packing the outside and covering it with first the frost blankets that I still have, not that we are expecting frost but as extra cover. We finished it off with the two tarps in case it rains and weighed everything down with both rocks and my workout weights which, by the way, is all they get used for nowadays. While I was at it, I took off the tow unit for the Jeep ready to install it on Quatro. 

With all the work finished at least as far as we could go for the day, I thanked Uzi and asked him what I owed him. He looked at me blankly and I told him to wait and came back with three two-dollar bills that I happened to have. He was overjoyed and although it was probably too much, at least it is the start of a working relationship. He promised me he would keep checking for when I show up with Quatro so he could help again. We are almost halfway there with most of the RV unpacked and ready to move. Now. All I need is for James to come along and fix the slide and we would be ready to move. 

I had left the screen door open so that the dogs could view our outside activities while we worked and as soon as Uzi left, we harnessed up and went out walking the park. There was some activity and a couple of new RVs had set up camp. I chatted to a couple of campers, one who had a big Class A that was fixing sunshades on his windows and to one of my neighbors walking out in the park. Other than that, it was quiet, and we soon headed back the Mr. Charles for the usual evening repast. 
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Henly RV Park Day 21 Saturday



Our first walk of the day was an uneventful stroll around the park. I let Sandy lead the way, so we did not walk in a very straight line rushing here for that smell and then over there for the next one. Fascinating things, dogs. It’s a pity they do not talk so we could get a better insight into why they do what they do. Other people were out and about, some with dogs, others just walking around. Like me, they wanted to get their exercise before it warmed up to the mid-nineties and it will not be long before we hit that dreaded 100-degree mark although to be truthful, there is not a lot of difference between 95 degrees and one hundred plus degrees. It is all bloody hot whichever way you look at it. 

Back in Mr. George, we had breakfast as I slowly eat everything in the fridge and freezer. The fridge looks very empty, and the freezer is about half full. I will need to stop at HEB but only for milk and a couple of other essentials. BTW, after eating some of the stuff in the freezer, I wonder why I bought it in the first place as it tastes terrible…Probably the reason it was still in the freezer. 

I looked at the mess inside Mr. George and decided I should stack more outside under the tarps. Without further ado, I started work on this project. It was hot and the sweat ran down my back and Uzi was nowhere to be found to help. I stuck with it until eventually, I had a fairly clear RV at least for a while. I can see the light at the end of this particular tunnel as the only things left inside the RV are clothes on hangers in the bedroom, the bed covers, a couple of small things in the bathroom, the contents of the desk, the items stacked around the sink and what is left in the fridge. These should not take very long at all, and the work will really start when I reverse the entire operation and load everything back into Quatro. Incidentally, I was looking for something cold to drink after the outside activities and the only thing I could find other than water, was wine…Darn. 

I sat inside in the cool and wrote for a while glad that we have completed all we can do. The date to pick up Quatro is tentatively set for the 24th and is definite on my mind but as it all depends on James fixing the slide, it could change. Hope not. After a while, I took a short nap or rather just sat there in the quiet with my eyes closed not really thinking about anything. After about an hour we went out walking around the park chatting to a couple of people we ran into. One lady had two Dachshunds, remarkably quiet for their breed. We passed a few words before moving on. Back in Mr. George, I had already decided that I really should visit HEB and get the bare minimum of necessities. Some stuff we cannot do without, milk for the morning latte for instance and a fruit bowl for the evening. Incidentally, the latte maker is the only machine not put away. The toaster and the electric grill are now under the outside covers. 

I jumped into my very heavily laden car which now contains more miscellaneous and sundry items from inside Mr. George. I had left just enough space to see out of the back window for safety’s sake but still drove even more carefully than I normally do. The trip around HEB was short and sweet as I knew exactly what few things I wanted although I did buy a foot long sandwich for this evening’s meal. I even had to put the groceries in the passenger seat as that was the only free space. Starbucks was closed as it was a late trip, so I headed back to Henly. The dogs sort of said hello but they were more interested in competing for a treat that I had given them before I left. Sandy had eaten hers, of course, and now was after Mikey’s who was not about to give it up. I even took down their leashes to take them walking but for the very first time, neither of them was interested. I muttered something like “Well ok it’s your loss” under my breath and put the groceries away instead. 

I settled down to write and the dogs settled back down to sleep with Mikey keeping one eye open on his treat and we finished the day in the usual fashion with food, television, and a glass of wine, the second of the day. Wow. 

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