Lake Bastrop

The day started off still at Henly as today was moving day from this very nice park. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how well I was treated here especially by the Supers, Melinda, and Daniel and how well the park is maintained.  
I had nearly everything taken care of and mostly all that remained to get Quatro ready was to lower the jacks etc. and attach the Jeep to the rear. I got up early after setting the alarm and we took a final short walk around the park for our stay this time around. We will return as I have a month’s credit due to a mix up that had me paying twice. 

It took a while, as usual, to hook up the Jeep as everything must line up perfectly. Bit of a pain, really. I finally pulled out of there a bit later than I had planned and consequently, I was late getting to Crestview. They immediately went to work while the dogs and I wandered around. There was no A/C in Quatro because the power was not hooked up and it was cooler outside. A couple of hours later, they had it operational again and this time, installed a brand-new step unit… While I was there, I got one of the mechanics to fix the drawer that had fallen apart the day before yesterday. Very satisfied with what they had done, we headed towards Bastrop. The trip was uneventful except for one idiot in a car that did not like that I changed lanes even though I signaled a long way before, and he did not want to slow down for me. He cut me off barely missing the front of the RV and slammed on his brakes within inches of me running into him. Bloody idiot. Road rage at its worst. Well maybe not worst as it could have ended up a lot different had his judgment been off and I rear ended him. 

I also had a problem as I was turning into the park.There was a NO Entry sign facing me and I sat there not knowing what to do. In the end, I drove through it and when I talked to the clerk that served me at the Reservation desk, she said it applied to traffic on Hwy 21. She said it must have gotten turned around and was facing the wrong direction. With enough scares to last a lifetime, I found my site and easily backed into it after unhooking the Jeep. I set up quickly and then decided that I should make a couple of adjustments and did it all over again. It would be simpler with a helper but as there is only me and the dogs and so far, I have not been able to train them as spotters. I would imagine they would disagree on what we should do next anyway… 
We were sitting around writing and I noticed a stream of water flowing across the floor and jumped up to find the shower was running and overflowing which meant that the grey tank was already full up. This all happened in the brief time that I had hooked up the water. I had no choice other than to empty the grey tank on the ground which is all clean water anyway. BTW, there are only a few sites with sewer hook ups at this park and mine is not one of them, but they do have a dump station. I need to conserve taking showers and such. This is a pleasant site, and I can barely see my neighbor. There are a lot of empty sites that will fill up over the weekend some starting as early as Thursday. 
I spent time in straightening up the RV, putting things away and doing some re-arranging. I still cannot find some things but they will show up eventually. I fed us all before settling down to watch more episodes of “Hell on Wheels”. So ended our first move with Quatro and with hopefully, many more to come. 

We slept well and woke up to the sound of rain on the roof, so I rolled over and went back to sleep rolling out of bed around 9:30 am. The dogs make no effort to get up and I wonder how long they can “hold it” after a long night. The minute I am showered, they suddenly are ready to get out of the door. We walked for about a half mile just around the loop before returning to Quatro for breakfast. And then settling down to write in this blog. 

I spent some time on RV Trip Wizard writing a very favorable review along with pictures on Henly RV Park from which I recently left and is an extremely well-maintained park with extremely helpful hosts. 

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LCRA South Shore Park, Bastrop-Day 2

We all slept well and got up early for the first walk of the day. I am parked on a loop, and we followed completely around walking past many open sites, some with Reserved signs on them for the weekenders, and discovered the lake not far away. Very pleasant sight indeed. Something about water in a natural setting. Back at Quatro, we ate breakfast or at least, I did. The dogs were in “not one of those eating” moods.  

I sat down and checked the emails but there was nothing of importance that required my time, and I quickly turned my attention to writing the blog. BJ called to let me know about what time she expected to be here which gave me time to pick up the place and make it look presentable. 

spent time working with RV Trip Planner picking out my next destination and cancelled my original next stop which was close to an RV dealership. As I now have Quatro, I no longer need to visit that RV Store. I found a park in Waco which I tried to book but could not get an answer. I also extended my stay here at this park through the 13th of this month to give me more time for a doctor’s appointment and a Veterinary trip for the guys. I will have to change sites but no big deal. I worked on the trip for a bit and then BJ arrived. And I spent the next hour showing her around and we sat and talked. The Austin Pond Society of which I was once a very avid member and the webmaster, is holding the Annual Pond Tour this coming weekend and BJ’s ponds are a part of the Tour. I appreciated that she took the time out of her remarkably busy schedule to visit with me. 

After she left, I decided that I should go into Bastrop to the HEB located there to purchase groceries and stock up. I had managed, quite literally, to eat everything in the freezer last week not wanting to go grocery shopping. Some of it was bloody awful and I seriously wondered why I even bought it in the first place, but before doing so, we went for a short walk around the park. With the dogs safe and sound back in Quatro, I jumped in the Jeep for the groceries trip. I kept careful track of my route so as not to get lost on the way back already having an idea of where the HEB was located. That store is humongous. It is by by far, the biggest HEB I have ever seen. I wandered around and found all the things that I needed plus a few more that found their way into my shopping cart. There is a Starbucks located right next door so for me, the shopping trip was a resounding success. I drove back the way I had come in without getting lost and ignoring the “One Way” sign, headed back to the park and to Quatro where I was met by two extremely excited little dogs 

After putting the groceries away with a lot of help from my furry friends, we harnessed up and managed to locate the trails that run around the lake and walked them for about a half mile before returning for the evening’s meal for us all. followed by the usual television. I received a phone call from the owner of the park in Waco apologizing for missing my calls and I was able to book a spot at his park. I walked 2.5 miles for the day, the dogs a little less as they did not walk around that humongous HEB. 

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LCRA South Shore Park, Bastrop-Day 3

We got up early for us and took the first walk of the day. This time, after discovering the trails yesterday, we hit them again and covered 1.7 miles before breakfast. We passed one other group of people and our dogs combined in barking to see who could make the most noise. At one spot, I looked up and there was a large German Shepherd dog standing there. Mine started barking at it and it made a move towards us with its teeth showing but must have been well trained as when I shouted “No” at him, he immediately stopped and then went on his way without paying us any further attention. It could have been bad. The dog had tags and if I were on my own, I would have tried to make friends and grab it to contact the owners, but I did not dare to do that with my dogs at hand. Hope he makes his way home. 

Back inside of Quatro, I had breakfast as the dogs made it clear they were not hungry. They were both tired from their morning exertions and immediately crashed in their respective sleeping places while I ate and drank coffee before turning my attention to this blog. Incidentally, because we are in a different park, I have already taken a lot of fresh pictures. More like the good old blogging days of parks, trails, rivers, and lakes. 

While I was working, there was a lot of activity going on outside being a Friday and all. Many campers were coming in for the weekend and a couple of others packed up and left. For a while, there seemed to be a constant movement of RV’s both coming and going. My neighbors were working on their slide and then took the time to clean the inside of their truck. Made me feel bad with all their activity. I was going to suggest that they clean my Jeep if the felt like it… I worked on the pictures in Lightroom until I was satisfied, they are presentable. I really need to get back in the habit of carrying my camera with me since we have trails to hike here. One gets so used to the convenience of the cell phone, which to be fair, takes surprisingly good pictures. 

I went back to work planning the rest of the trip but without calling any of the campsites. Cannot do that until we are almost ready to move just in case something comes up. Currently, I have us in Colorado with about 12 stops in between here and there. Before I knew it, I realized that it was 6:30 pm and time to take that last walk of the day. We harnessed up and got out the door and took a completely different trail from the one this morning. We did not walk it to the end as I was not sure where it came out and we ended up turning back and retracing our footsteps. I got to see more of this park and the area we walked has rental cabins which all looked occupied for the weekend. We covered well over 2.5 miles for the day with no big box stores. Surprisingly good for us and we finished the day off in the usual fashion with food all around, a glass of wine and more of “Hell on Wheels”. 

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