Where I spend a lot of my time

I typed in the heading and noticed it was already Thursday. I have no idea where the time goes as it is simply flying by along with whatever remaining years I may have. Still, I cannot worry about what may lie ahead and can only enjoy the present which we do. Me and the dogs, that is. We went walking and found the dog run which is not really a whopping success. You would think that being off the leash, both dogs would scamper around smelling all the new scents available to them and generally doing what dogs do. Mine, not so much. Sandy may wander around for a bit before returning and flopping on the ground. Mikey barely gets more than 5 feet away and invariably sits right next to me probably guarding me from whatever he imagines is out there. As soon as I say, “let’s go”, they rush over to be clipped onto the double leash we use and off we go wandering this way and that and stopping a thousand times to smell the roses. I think that the heat gets to them too just as it does me and they prefer the A/C in Quatro. 

Following breakfast, I settled down to write. I do not have any plans or need to go into town, and it is forecast to reach 102 degrees today which along with the humidity will make it at least 105, way too hot to be outside. As well as writing, I also cooked some pork and chicken that I had bought in Malakoff. I say I cooked it but in fact, all I did was to place it on the indoor grill and forget about it until it was done. Pretty simple and very tasty. I made a few phone calls and worked on a few pictures to pass the time.  I watched as the park Personel are going about their usual activities. I do not know how much involves outdoor work as all I see is them rushing around on their 4 wheelers although one of them was riding a large mower. This current heat wave is supposed to end on Sunday, and we may get to have normal high 90 plus degree temperatures. 

We went out for the afternoon/evening walk as the temperature had dropped at least 2 degrees maybe even 3 degrees but whatever, it was still hot and humid. We wandered around going in no particular direction with bossy Miss Sandy leading the way as she usually does. The cabins are beginning to fill up as people come in for the weekend but so far, we are still on our own. Our closest neighbor is at least 100 feet away.  

The evening was spent in the usual fashion, food all around, a glass of cheap wine for me and watching television with the remote in my hand to control the volume as it was late. It seems that nowadays, all television can no longer have quiet periods unless it is part of the plot. Just about all the shows I watch have music playing in the background even when people are talking the music always rises in volume in between the different scenes. So annoying and does not do anything to add to my entertainment. It does not help the quiet time imposed by the Parks either. RVs are not exactly soundproof… 

Written 06/23/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

Shiloh on the Lake, Malakoff Day 5


The Park

We did not wake up until 10:00 am before going out for the mornings walk around the park. We wandered around and noticed that the number of cabin tenants had increased by quite a few. Today is Friday after all and these are the weekenders. We tried the dog run thing but that is almost a waste of our time as regards the dogs having some independence off the leash. Sandy wanders and sniffs for a bit before returning. Mikey, well Mikey stays by me all the time. They are always happy to have the leashes clipped back on, and we get on our way. There are a lot of squirrels here in this park which annoys Mikey to no end as he knows he cannot chase them because of his leash. They are very bold and wait until the very last minute before dashing up the nearest tree which only aggravates Mikey more. So near and yet, so far. 

We sat down for breakfast which at least I ate mine. The dogs did their usual sniff and turn away before I settled down to read and write. We have nothing planned and the day is ours to do with whatever we want. Gone are the days when there was something that needed doing every day like cleaning filters or cleaning out the ponds, even things like cleaning the house have dropped from 1800 sq ft to a little over 350 sq ft inside the RV. I have a lot more time to do things or just do nothing. 

I received notification that I had a letter in the office which I was expecting and drove over to pick it up and at the same time inquired about the times the washing machines are available. They do not have a change machine and I need to be sure that I go over when the office is open. Laundry can wait for a few days. I called our next stop just to confirm that the booking was OK and got their approval with a,” See you next week”. Our next move is scheduled for July 1 to Hawks Nest RV Park in Atlanta, Texas a trip of about 180 miles. 
The rest of the day was spent in the usual way until it was time to go out walking. We strolled around the park which is noticeably a lot noisier with the input of the weekend campers and their kids. 

Written 06/24/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com