A view of the park

We got up at a reasonable hour and took a quick shower before heading out for a walk around the park. The weekenders were active with some already in the water either swimming or in boats which were either tearing around the lake at breakneck speed or anchored as the occupants sat with their fishing lines cast out. Might as well enjoy every minute and it got me thinking just how lucky I am that this is my way of life every day and they can only do it on the weekends. 

We returned for the usual breakfast attempts which resulted in the dogs ignoring their food. I ate mine and enjoyed it along with the morning Latte. We have nothing planned for today except to stay cool.  

I sat in front of the computer and quickly went through the few(er) emails that I had including one from BJ describing her luxury hotel lodgings. Sure, is a tough life for her on this vacation and her form of “roughing it’ is much different than ours although ours does have a very high level of comfort and convenience. No hotel staff to wait on us, as with me by myself, it is all self-service. The dogs are absolutely no help whatsoever except for their love and companionship and acting as though they are important with their constant demands for attention. 

I worked on compiling a log of our latest trip just for the record including campground costs and such to see what this trip will actually cost me when we finish. We went out for the final walk and wandered around for a while not going in any specific direction. I let Sandy lead the way and only occasionally redirected her to go close to where I wanted. It made for interesting walking. 

Back in Quatro, we had our evening meal followed by the usual television and relaxing. That is a strange statement as my whole life is one of relaxing even when there are chores to do. 

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Shiloh on the Lake, Malakoff. Day 7 Sunday


I wonder what the birds collected for

We went out for the morning walk and when I opened the door, the first thing that I noticed was just how empty the park is. Most of the weekenders have gone and even those staying in the cabins have left. As far as I can tell, there are only 5-6 semi-permanent RV’s left in the park and 4 of the temporary ones like us. There is only one cabin occupied. Late in the afternoon, another older Class A pulled in 2 sites away from us. That will all change this coming 4th July weekend when I imagine nearly all the sites and cabins will be booked. We, hopefully, will be at Hawks Nest RV Park in Atlanta, TX. At least, that is the plan. 

We had nothing planned for today and generally lazed around a lot. I spent a couple of hours listening to a story on Audiobooks, which although the story itself was interesting enough, was not very well written and was a bit frustrating at times. The day drifted by until it was time to go out for the evening walk around the park. This is a very large park, and we easily get in our mile a day although I keep forgetting to bring my phone along. Not a good thing if there is an emergency of some kind. While we were out walking, it became obvious just how empty the park really is as there are empty lots all over the area. 

Back in Quatro, I fixed us our respective evening meals before settling down to the usual routine of watching TV. I am currently in the middle of a series called “Rookie Blue” which is all about 4 Rookie cops in I believe, NYC and the antics they get up to. For some reason, the writers have included a lot of live romances with some sex scenes between these same Rookie Officers. That is Ok except that it is taking at least 50 percent of the story wrapped around these individuals’ private lives as they keep swapping partners taking away from the actual policing part of the story. Do these writers really believe that so much of the characters private lives is good television? I would have thought that the NYPD would have a policy of no personal relationships between the individual cops although that might be hard to enforce. 

Jeez, I must be growing old if I no longer enjoy watching a raunchy sex scene…. 

Written 06/25/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com