Up at the usual time and into the shower while the dogs paced nervously up and down waiting to hit the park. They are very impatient especially Sandy. Whether that is because they got to “go” or just plain excitement to get out, probably a combination of both. The park is very empty as I commented yesterday as we wandered around this time not having to avoid another camper’s space as there are no campers. There is an unwritten rule in campers’ etiquette that you do not violate other camper’s space by walking through what is designated as their campsite. Most campers abide by it except a few kids here and there. It is just common courtesy especially if the campsites are very close together. 

Back in Quatro, we had breakfast before settling down to write. With not much going on throughout the day, neither is there much to write about. I have almost caught up with the posting of the blogs and now are only a couple of days behind. There is not much to blog about either all the while I do not leave the park. As regards posting the blogs, I always need a cushion just in case I do not post for a day or two. I caught up by posting three days’ worth of blogs at the same time which I will drop off to two or maybe even one. It is the weekends that mess up my system as I post a poem on Saturdays and nothing on Sundays but blog all week long. This means that I have two extra days to double up on somehow. It is a tough life when all I must worry about is when to post my blogs… 

I thought about things and decided that I should do a load of laundry, so I threw everything together, stripped and remade the bed with the other sheets I have and drove over to the laundromat which is situated in the office. This one has 4 washers and 4 dryers, and I exchanged my $10.00 bill for quarters with Frieda and chatted to both her and Johnny who happened to be in there at the time. 

With the wash doing its thing, I drove around the park for a bit before returning to Quatro to wait for the wash to complete. 45 minutes later, I drove back to the washroom theoretically to put the wash in the dryer but in fact, for reasons unknown, I put it in two different washing machines, and popped in the quarters before realizing what I had done. Consequently, the laundry was washed a second time. Cursing at my stupidity, I had no recourse except to return to Quatro moaning the entire time. I sat and thought about my actions but could not make sense of why I did it. After all, I know the difference between a washer and dryer, or do I? 

Another 45 minutes passed, and I was back in the laundry room putting the double washed clothes into the dryer trying to avoid holding a conversation with Frieda. Hopefully, she was not paying attention to my number of trips as I still had to come back and fold the clean laundry which I did an hour later. I did not notice any difference in how the clothes looked or felt with their double wash. 

Back in Quatro, I put the clothes away and tried to put it out of my mind. I am always worrying about these sorts of incidents just in case I am literally losing my mind although usually, it is nothing more than forgetting someone’s name and hopefully, this is a one-off. 

We went out for the evenings walk and both dogs enjoyed themselves sniffing and peeing to their little hearts content. Me, I let them drag me around all over the place in their curiosity. If one discovers something, the other rushes over to check and vice versa. I am the watchman on the lookout for any snakes or varmints that may be lurking although with the short grass here at this park, they should not be a problem. Unless you count the squirrels that wait until the very last minute before jumping up the closest tree. I think they do it on purpose just to aggravate the dogs. 
Back in the RV, we finished off the evening in the usual fashion with food and drinks and watching more of “Rookie Blue”. 

Written 06/27/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com

Shiloh RV Park, Malakoff. Day 9 Tuesday

I slept late and it was 10:00 am before I crawled out of bed. No idea why I was so tired unless the laundry incident was still on my mind. If this was the case, you would think I would be wide awake not asleep. We went for a stroll around the park. The Class A that pulled in a couple of days ago and was parked next to us has moved on and we are alone again. Kind of nice to have this part of the park to ourselves although I only saw the occupants one time. I think a couple of cabins may still be occupied. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast for myself and did not put anything down for the dogs as they have not been eating their morning food. It does not get wasted as I add fried chicken pieces to it in the evenings and then they gobble it down. Of course, they are more than willing to eat anything I give them from my own breakfast. 

We sat and did the usual thing of answering emails and then writing in the blog. I debated as to the need to go into Gun Barrel City (just love the name), to the Walmart’s today or tomorrow as I need to stock up ahead of the next trip. Somehow, I have gained a day as I keep thinking today is Wednesday. When I was doing laundry yesterday and talking to Frieda and Jimmy, they were both doing their best to persuade me to make this my home site. It is a lot cheaper than Henly by about 40% for long term residents and might be worth considering. I do have a month’s credit I need to use up at Henly before making up my mind. My big concern is just how muddy this place will get when it rains as there are no gravel pads, just dirt and not much grass either. 

We went out for the evenings walk around the park which is strangely empty. Lots of vacant sites waiting for this weekend, no doubt. 

Written 06/28/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com