We got up at a reasonable hour compared to yesterday and went out for the first walk of the day. My other close neighbor has also pulled out and now, we are completely on our own. One RV surrounded by vacant lots. There are two RVs way off in the distance and of course, the permanent campers who have their own area. This must be the emptiest park we have encountered yet. As I mentioned before, it will probably fill up this 4th July weekend although we will not be here as we move out on Friday. 

Back inside Quatro, we had our usual breakfast, well I did as the dogs ignored their food. I followed this with reading emails which are dropping in number as I systematically cancel those that do not interest me. I had already planned on going into Gun Barrel City to the Walmart’s there to do some shopping and fill the Jeep with gas as it was the cheapest place around at $4.45 a gallon. Half a tank cost me $72.00. I do not like paying these high prices, but they appear to be the new norm, so I had better get used to it. Can’t wait to fill Quatro with its 80-gallon tank… 

I wandered around and found most of the things that I had on my list with the exception a certain vitamin and the body cream with the added sun burn lotion. I found the pickled beets that I like to eat with the cold meat for the evening meal and bought a half dozen jars of it. On the way through the checkout, the young clerk asked me about them as she had never seen anyone buy so many before. I told her how I eat them, but I do not think she was impressed. Never mind, I like them and that is all that matters. Across the road was a CVS store so I stopped in to find the missing items but with absolutely no luck at all and walked out empty handed. I could not find another Pharmacy that would have what I wanted. 

The drive back to Quatro was uneventful and we recrossed the bridge that is being reconstructed. That is quite a project and as a former construction man, it interested me to see how they build these bridges, something I never worked on in my long construction career. The rest of the drive was uneventful, and we quickly reached the park to be greeted by my excited little dogs. When I pull in, they are usually sitting in the big front window looking for me and when I appear, jump down to greet me at the door. With their uninvited help, I unload the groceries and we put them away. 

We went out for a walk even though it was earlier than usual to help them get over their excitement. Sandy leads the way, and we go this way and that in every direction with me giving a gentle tug here and there to keep her in somewhat of a straight line. Mikey, like me, just follows along smelling the roses as he walks with the occasional stop if he finds something of real interest. The family that has one of the RVs that still remain, were climbing out of the lake and wandered back to the RV chattering the entire way. As there were four of them, two women and two young girls, why am I not surprised? We finished the walk with some gentle tugging on my part to persuade Sandy that we needed to go back and spent the rest of the time working on the blog. Now, with the laundry and the shopping done, tomorrow, I can concentrate on preparing for our trip, storing things inside the RV to make them travel safe and hooking up the Jeep. This time, I will make sure the brakes are off… 

Later that evening, we went out for another short walk much to Sandy’s delight. Not sure what Mikey thought but he went along as he did not want to miss out on anything that she might get or do. The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 
Written 06/29/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com

Shiloh RV Park, Malakoff. Day 11 Thursday


Today is our last day here at this park which I have thoroughly enjoyed. For one thing, even though the temperature went through the roof at 105 degrees on one day, there are so many trees that we were never in the full sun and so, the RV stayed nice and cool. The big windshield was shaded nearly all the time which makes a huge difference. Hope we are as lucky at the next site. 

We went out for our first walk of the day. I was going to say early morning walk, but sad to say, that unless it is a moving day, I do not know what early mornings are…We ambled around the park in no particular direction and eventually landed back at the RV. The park is empty, and I mean empty with just the permanent residents and 3 RV’s including mine. 

Back in Quatro, we ate breakfast and then I settled down to answer emails and write a bit before deciding that I should go outside and hook up the Jeep to the RV ready to move out tomorrow. It went smoothly for a change and this time, I remembered to release the handbrake. Shades of leaving the last park. Back inside, I put a few things away and set some chicken breasts on the indoor grill to cook and put away a few things. I cannot do everything as we need some of the things for the evening meal and breakfast and such but all it will take is 15 minutes of work to finish making everything safe for the journey. As can be expected, things move around as we jolt down the road and need to be made as secure as possible. 

With as much done as I can do today, I turned my attention to writing the blog as I want to be as caught up as much as possible. There will not be much time for writing tomorrow as we have almost 200 miles to travel, at least 4 hours of driving, plus a stop for gas so maybe longer.  We need to try for an early start. 

While I was writing, a fifth wheel pulled up across from me and in no time flat, the two guys had it set up. Obviously, not newcomers. I wrote a very favorable review for this park in RV Life Trip Planner and posted it along with pictures so that others can come and enjoy this very nice park. 

We went out for the last afternoons walk we will take in this place and wandered around just enjoying the park and the lake before heading back for the usual evenings food and entertainment. 

Written 06/30/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com