Travel Day so we got up early although we had already completed most of the prep work yesterday, including hooking up the Jeep. Today was the usual final parts to moving like pulling in the slides and unhooking the water, sewer and finally the power. Prior to that, I had the automatic levelling system perform the task of lowering the RV back to the ground and on its own 4 wheels. That is 6 wheels as the back are doubles. Then, we were ready to roll. I opted to use my iPhone instead of the tablet for no particular reason and it has its own little holder not too far away. 

Prior to that, we had taken a walk around the park and ran into both Frieda and Jimmy and said our goodbyes before continuing with our walk, probably, the last one we will take around this very nice park although they would like me to return and make it my home base. Trouble is that it is a long way from Austin and all my doctors. Incidentally, we had a brief but heavy shower yesterday that probably dumped at round a half inch of the wet stuff. This morning, the ground was almost dry and much to my surprise, no mud. 

We took off and started driving Northwards with RV Trip Planner showing us the way. I knew I needed to fill up as there was only about 150 miles left in the tank, so I was driving keeping an eye out for gas prices. We passed several that had gas marked down quite considerably but I could either not pull off in time or the station would not accommodate Quatro. I did stop at one station and pulled into the pump, but my way was blocked by a Fed Ex truck with the driver inside the store and he did not come out. As the RV is just not very maneuverable, I had no alternative but to move on to the next gas station. 

After several miles, I spotted one which was selling gas cheaper than the next guy. 

This time, when I pulled up to the pump, almost without exception except for the few cars that were pumping gas, the pumps were shut off with red flags to designate that the gas storage tanks were empty and the pumps not in use. Quatro, as big as he is, just does not do well in tight spaces especially towing the Jeep so again, I had to move on. Finally, after quite a few more miles, I found a station that was not as busy and went to the nearest row of pumps, which was my first mistake as these were all diesel pumps and did not pump gasoline. I moved over to the gas/diesel pumps and managed to finally fill up Quatro. It took two attempts as the pump shut off after $125.00 for the first 29 gallons. I started over and the second time, it shut off with a full tank at $122.65. Altogether, it took 55 gallons to top-up the tank. The price was for $4.24 a gallon. The one that was sold out was selling for $4.15 a gallon. No wonder the pumps were empty. Almost too good to be true. 
We continued our way and I noticed that Quatro swayed a bit more with the additional almost 500 pounds of weight in the gas tank. I might need to spend some time redistributing the cargo weight to even it out. Too much on the back end. I had been thinking, prior to filling the tanks, that Quatro did not have the wind or sway problems that both Miss Daisy and George had but now I am not so sure. 

The RV Trip Planner came through yet again and after about a little over a 4-hour drive without being on any interstates, we arrived at our destination. This is a very small park with around 7 or so permanent RV’s and space for two travelers like myself. I remember when I was on the phone making the arrangements, the lady told me that there are two spots both straight ahead when I pulled in the gate, and both marked with a cone. I got out to see which I wanted and was met by Frank, a ex vet who was using a throat transponder to talk which made it exceedingly difficult to understand him. I had to keep either nodding my head in agreement or asking him to repeat it. Then another guy came and interpreted, and I understood what he was telling me. Finally, the lady who had booked me in over the phone showed up and we had a brief conversation. So far, all the people I have met are all retired and a couple with handicaps. 

Setting up was easy although the front wheels are off the ground by at least 6 inches. I was able to pack them with wood blocks and the plastic wedges that I have for such occasions, so the wheels are not suspended but are at least supported. The rest of the setup was normal routine stuff although the sewer standpipe is high, and no way will the sewer drain without assistance from me. As that only happens every 4-6 days, no big deal. My assistance is to raise the hose, so it drains, and it remains connected all the while. 

We went out for a walk around the pond that is on the property, but the humidity was extremely high making it feel uncomfortable. In fact, I was soaked by the time we got back to the RV and had to change clothes. Incidentally, the lady, when I was talking to her, pointed out the laundry room which has two washers and two driers all on the honor system of $2.00 per use. There is a lot to be said for a small park and I bet everyone knows everyone else. 

Before we retired for the evening, we sat on the small swing that is outside my door just enjoying the evening. It is very peaceful here almost to the extent of boring. I still need to unhook the Jeep but as the site is so long, I do not need to until I am ready to go into town, wherever that may be. 

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Hawks Nest RV Park, Atlanta, TX. Day 2 Saturday

We slept late probably due to our travel exertions from the day before as driving for any length of time, is by itself, tiring due to the concentration needed. We did get a break when we filled up with gas as that took almost 20 minutes. We wandered around the park and out onto the road and even sat for a while in the swing before returning for breakfast and coffee. 
We have no plans or the need to go into town wherever that is, so we sat in front of the computer to write and catch up on emails. I was pleased to read that my friend BJ and her daughter had returned from Vermont and apart from running to catch a plane at the end, had a very nice time. I do not have the nerve to ask her how much weight she put on eating all that tasty food. The price of enjoyment…Today, it is cloudy with a chance of showers and the temperature is only 85 degrees, an enormous difference from the last park. 

I worked on RV Trip Planner for our next stops and found a couple of parks that I thought might be interesting. It is always a bit of a gamble choosing a park as you are never quite sure what they are really like. Sure, I read what others have to say in their comments and if they are at all negative, I skip that one and move on to the next. A lot of times, the comments are old and not recent, and a lot can happen in a few months or in some cases, a year or two. I am not big into exotic parks with swimming pools and entertainment preferring more of the quiet laid back, relaxed places especially with some trails that we can walk. 

For some reason, the trip planner was giving me some problems and not organizing as it should, and I found out that two of the parks were not in order with me travelling to the furthest one first and coming back to the closest one. It took me a while to figure out there was a problem and for the program to perform right after a couple of restarts. By then, I had already called and made reservations. The trouble is they are backwards and need to be reversed. By then, it was too late to call and will need to get things corrected tomorrow. 

We went out for a walk so the dogs could exercise and for me to get the cobwebs out of my frustrated brain. We wandered around the park and out onto the road for a bit and then sat on the swing just enjoying the cool breezes. It is quite a bit cooler here than at the last park although still hot and with a bit higher humidity. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food and a glass of wine watching the final episode of “Rookie Blue”. It was an OK series to watch but as I mentioned before, way too much sex and interaction between the different characters. Now, I must find another and different series to watch for the rest of the summer until the English Premier League restarts in August. 

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