Quatro in his new home. Notice the blocking under the front wheels.

We took a walk around although there is not a lot of area that we can cover. The pond is fun to walk around but I am a bit concerned as I thought I saw either a big dog or maybe even a coyote disappear into the trees as I was looking out of the RV front window. It was gone before I could get my binoculars out for a closer look, and we certainly do not want to be confronted by either. If it is a dog, it might be friendly but if it is a coyote, it would view Sandy and Mikey as dinner, and I don’t want to fend off an attacking animal. Animal bites are painful and sometimes require rabies shots and who needs that. 

Back in the RV and following breakfast, I looked at yesterday’s booking mess and tried a couple of calls only to be met with,” Leave a message”. More frustration but I guess I just need to be patient. I worked on the blog and then on some photos of this park that I have taken. I usually load them into Lightroom and make a few adjustments and add my signature before posting them anywhere. This time though, Lightroom would not recognize and upload the pictures which was odd until I discovered that the usual JPEG had changed to JFIF which I had never seen or heard of before. I had to do some research to figure out how to get over it and after must frustration and bouts of cussing under my breath and even out loud, I managed to get everything worked out and was able to work on the pictures. Jeeze, why me… After uploaded a couple of pictures into the blog along with the last two days of writing I looked around for something else to do. 

While I was sitting, there came a knock on the door and the one of the park owners was standing there. She offered me a bowl of homemade ice cream which I accepted gratefully. I put it in the freezer and walked over to where she and a few others were sitting to mix and mingle a bit. We spent a couple of hours most of the time listening to the husband who is also a park owner, telling some great stories in his Texas drawl. It made for a very interesting time, and I learned a lot about the park and the area and a few other things as well. This park is only a sideline for them which probably accounts for the small number of RV’s. 
Back in Quatro, I sat and wrote for a bit before harnessing up the dogs for their walk. Incidentally, one of the guys confirmed that yes, there are coyotes here and to be careful with the dogs so we will not be skirting the trees anymore. Maybe, I just might start carrying one of my walking poles, just in case.  

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion, eating the evening meal all around and then watching TV. I had to find another show and settled on “In the Heat of the Night”. More on that later. 
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Hawks Nest RV Park, Atlanta, TX- Day 4
07/04/2022 Monday-Independance Day

We got up around the usual time and walked around the park and on the road outside of the park. A motorcyclist passed us and had the decency to slow down as he went by. Not too many people do that nowadays. I waved thanks to him, and he waved back as he passed. Back in Quatro, I fixed breakfast for us all with the usual results. It looks like the milk is off as my Latte not only tasted different, but the foam is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. I spooned out the solid block of froth and just drank the coffee, but it still tasted awful. Not a good start to the day This means a trip into town to buy fresh milk or drink it black. The jury is out on what we will do as I really do not need anything else.

The lady from our next stop, Treasure Isle RV Park in Hot Springs, AR, returned my call and we straightened out my booking mess. I cannot believe I screwed up so badly on this. It must be RV Trip Wizard as it cannot possibly be me…With our next stop all set, I returned to checking and dumping emails although there were a couple that called for my time. With those out of the way, I moved on to the blog although, this early (sort of), there is not much to write about as I am caught up on both writing and posting. I figured out what we will do from now on to get over the 7-day blogs versus 5 entry days to stay caught up. On Fridays, I will include Saturday in the post and on Mondays, will include Sunday. The rest of the week will be single day blogs. That should keep BJ Happy. Currently, we are now only 4 days behind on the actual date from posting to viewing, which does make me a bit nervous. 

I unhooked the Jeep from Quatro as I had decided to go into the nearest town to do some grocery shopping. The unhooking was simple, and it slipped back into gear effortlessly. It had raised itself just before we left to the high position for 4 wheeling, so I pushed on the controls to lower it back to the normal position. The trouble with the high mode is that it is a big step down when getting out. Caught me by surprise the first time it happened. I was in a shop having some keys cur and one of the desk clerks walked in and said to me, “is that your car? I swear I just saw it raise up”. I laughed and said that it does that sometimes and it’s the setting for 4-wheeling. 

I said goodbye to the dogs after we walked the park one more time. It was hot out there and they were glad to get back into the A/C. They gave me a quizzical look when I did not get back into Quatro along with them and I had to explain that we needed groceries. Hell of a thing when you feel compelled to making explanations to two little dogs. 

It turns out that Atlanta is only 3 miles away and it did not take very long to get there. This was one of the very big Walmart’s, so I got in a of mile of walking by going up and down every aisle even though I did not need a lot of stuff. At least, that is what I thought but by the time I walked out and paid my bill, it was $183.00. As I explained to the clerk checking me out, I only came in for milk… Pretty expensive bottle of the stuff. For someone who did not need anything else, go figure. That was not true of course as I had a list. 

I checked my phone for the closest Starbucks but this time I was out of luck as it was 23 miles away and I was not about to drive that far for coffee even though my Morning Latte had been ruined by sour milk. I spent the rest of the afternoon writing and catching up as usual waiting for it to cool at least a couple of degrees before we did take that long-awaited evening walk. 

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